Identifying The Most Common Pool Pump Problems

Not everyone was born knowing how to maintain a swimming pool at home. In fact, very few people actually do. Which means that we need to stay alert to the common problems that we may experience so that we aren’t blindsided by them and wake up to a pea-green pool tomorrow. Many problems begin with […]

Can I Use Rainwater to Top Up My Swimming Pool?

South African homeowners have been in something of a quandary when it comes to keeping and maintaining their swimming pools. Water – or rather – the lack of it means that our home pools may appear to be a luxury that the country can ill-afford. Thankfully rainwater harvesting systems are becoming more popular as we […]

3 Ways You Can Help Your Swimming Pool Pump Do Its Job Better

We have so many useful tools to help us keep our swimming pools in pristine condition, but many of them do entail a lot of legwork. Maintaining a pool is no easy task. However, there are ways to make sure that your automated systems are operating at optimal capacity; here are three ways you can […]

Top Tips for Installing Your Plastic Pond

If you’re one of those budding garden artists who aren’t happy with just lawn and bushes, then it’s possible you have considered installing a plastic pond. And that’s a great idea! Ponds add life, movement and joy to a garden and are an absolute pleasure to watch as your plant and aquatic life flourish. If […]

Shades of Blue – Light or Dark, which is for you?

Speaking to those who have owned both light and dark coloured pools, we find that besides personal taste, there were some reasons why one or the other was preferred. The Light Swimming Pool Colour If you’re in an area favouring hot summers, a lighter coloured pool will keep the water cooler. Light pool colour discourages […]

Pool Water Treatments – Hitting the Ozone

Remember that fresh scent in the air after the first spring rains? That’s ozone, we’re smelling and its undeniably sweeter than chlorine. In fact, the word comes from the Greek ozein, meaning “to smell”. Starting as far back as 1893, ozonised air has been used in drinking water treatment plants and there are now over […]

The Pros and Cons of Mosaic Tiles in Swimming Pools

There’s no question that the range of mosaic tiles for swimming pools these days is extraordinary. A far cry from the compulsory checked-hue-of-blue mosaics that became the measure of when the water evaporation called for topping up the pool, the world of mosaics is a veritable Disneyland waiting to enchant. Mosaic tiles are considered a […]

Deck Pools – Taking your Swimming Pool to the Next Level

Above ground pools are becoming ever more popular. The days when the pool was stuck at the bottom end of the garden where a pool house needed to be built alongside to accommodate wet bathers and equipment are fading fast. Above ground pools, set into a deck pretty much takes the headache out of tons […]

The Aquatic Delight of Pond Plants

Today there is a wonderful array of aquatic pond plants available. Smart selection means there is a strong possibility of having flowers blooming from different varieties all year round. If the pond, however, is to be a Koi pond, then whatever plants chosen, need to be placed in containers around the pond. Koi are essentially […]