Bring The Outside In With A Beautiful Rain Curtain

As humans, we are biologically hard-wired to respond quickly to loud noises. It’s an evolutionary response based on the threat that sudden, unexpected noises used to present for us. For primitive man, a scream, or animal alarm call, always signalled danger. Even today, our brains process noises that come out of nowhere as threats, and […]

Healthy Winter Hot Tub Fun

Ask any resort lodge or vacation station and they’ll tell you how their bookings have sky-rocketed since adding spa baths a.k.a. hot tubs or jacuzzies to their accommodation options. This tells us plenty about what friends and family require for relaxation and fun. With winter just ahead, what better way to ward off chilly nights […]

Poolside Staycations Ideas For The Whole Family

No need for money shortage to make holidays a thing of the past. Families the world over are opting for staycations and they’re loving every minute. There are many ideas for creating the right environment for a successful holiday at home but it goes without saying that swimming pools are a great start. Winter is […]

Ingenious And Inexpensive Pool Heating Tips

Water is a touchy subject these days and not far behind that is the cost of electricity. Pool owners have a double whammy on that score, but all is not lost. There are great ways to make swimming fun all year round and with winter just ahead, having a heated pool for the family that […]

Keep Your Pond Clean And Fish-Friendly With A Koi Pond Filter

Because the main function of a swimming pool filter is to keep the water clear and hygienic, many newbie Koi enthusiasts believe a koi pond filter serves the same purpose. This is definitely not the case. In fact, water clarity is a secondary function of a filter. A Koi pond is a completely enclosed body […]

The DIY, First-Aid Process For Pool Leak Testing.

Any pool owner worth half his weight in wisdom knows that keeping a watchful eye on the rate that water leaves the pool is vital. Testing for pool leaks at home is not as daunting as the thought of it is and getting a handle on common causes is ken worth adding to your expertise. […]

Do I need plans to build a swimming pool?

The short answer is, absolutely! Plans are needed to build a swimming pool because whenever the nature of the work involved excavation of land, plumbing, draining and electricity supply, the Local authority has to be informed. There’s no getting around it, so whatever you do, do it legally. Drafting plans though requires more than having […]

Pool Paint Preview

The answer is “Yes”! The question? Should you paint your pool? Without doubt. You know you’re the butt of every comment by family and friends if your swimming pool is anything but sparkling blue at this time of the year. That ideal is not just achieved by treating the water, the state of your pool […]

How To Manage Swimming Pools In Drought Conditions

With the approach of Day Zero now set to arrive this April, Capetonians – and our hearts go out to them – face having their municipal taps turned off. In a quandary as to keeping or closing up their swimming pools, owners have fallen prey to a plethora of enterprises, who bring in borehole water […]

The DIY Pool Leak Testing Checklist

First rule of thumb when it comes to testing your pool for leaks, is not to jump to conclusions. A fair amount of water will be lost via evaporation and if family and friends have had a great time splashing water about, loss is ‘par for the course’. However, if you find that you’re routinely […]