How to maintain your water features to keep it looking good

Having a beautiful garden takes time and effort. Adding that extra something like water features can make your garden truly spectacular. Maintaining your water features is extremely important if you want them to stand the test of time, which is why you need to know how to go about it. There are a number of […]

Deck out your pool with fitted swimming pool accessories

Swimming pool accessories are not limited to pool noodles, blow up loungers and balls, they also include fitted items like swim jets. With summer just around the corner and after a long hard winter, you need to spoil your pool by having swimming pool accessories fitted that will work for the entire family. With swim […]

Keep your pool pump clean and sparkling the whole year round

During the warm summer months a lot of time is spent outdoors especially if you have a swimming pool. Keeping your pool clean in summer is easy as it is used often and you tend to want it to stay that way. You use your pool pump almost daily and ensure that the right chemicals […]

Professional advice for effective pool maintenance

During winter, pools will often be neglected. Even if you have a pool cover to protect from the debris that falls, you might still fall victim to a green and murky pool. Pool maintenance is of high importance if you do not want to spend lots of unnecessary money on fixing common problems. If you […]

Water feature and garden fountain design ideas

The best way to relax after a long stressful day is by enjoying the peace and tranquillity of your garden. Make your garden your safe haven even if that means that you need to give it a little bit of a makeover. Before starting the “spruce” up phase of your garden, find out about the […]

Upgrading your pool? Know what to expect from pool pump prices

Keeping your pool clean in summer and winter can take a lot of time. You might even decide that your pool could do with a little more tender loving care with an upgrade. Pool pumps don’t last forever, so the first upgrade your pool will need is a new pool pump but how do you […]

Maintain your water feature as it is the focal point of your garden

Maintaining the outside of your home is just as important as maintaining your home itself. A well looked after garden takes time and effort. Try adding that little bit extra to your garden by having a water feature as this can completely transform the look of your garden. Maintaining water features is extremely important if […]