Why Good Pool Circulation Is So Important

Just as in our bodies, our swimming pools need good circulation in order to maintain their sparkle. If you find that your pool gets cloudy pretty quickly, or your suction cleaner seems to be working overtime to keep the walls and floor clean, you may well have a problem with your pool circulation. The Importance […]

Winter Pool Prep for Smart Pool Owners

Once winter rolls around each year it is very easy to lose interest in your pool. After all, it’s now just an ongoing “job” to keep clean with no benefits to anybody. You also can’t just leave it to become a “winter pool” because that looks terrible and probably won’t fly with the wife. So, […]

How Do Sand Filters In Swimming Pools Work?

Most pool owners know how to maintain their swimming pools, and they do a jolly good job. However, most don’t know why they do the things that they do in order to keep their pool looking pretty. Sand filters may not be a thrilling thing to discuss, but wouldn’t you like to know more about […]

Practical Pool Design That Suits Your Needs

So, you’re thinking of building a swimming pool? That’s awesome news and those of us who have access to a sparkling pool to while away those sultry summer days will be nodding vigorously in agreement. The next question you should be asking yourself is, “Which pool design will suit my needs best?” How Big Can […]

Maintaining Your Water Feature – It’s All About The Details

We’ve all been there. We love that little puppy that our friend just bought, but we’re thrilled that it’s not chewing on our furniture or peeing on our kitchen floor. It’s the same with a water feature – they are beautiful, soothing and good for the soul. But we wouldn’t want to have to care […]

Fish Tips For A Starter Fish Pond

You may well be asking yourself, why are we discussing fish choices on a swimming pool website? Well, that’s an easy one. You see, because we both supply and help you to maintain garden ponds as well as the other fabulous products and services that we offer, and we’d like to make your life a […]

What Is Black Algae And Why Should You Be Worried?

Have your pool maintenance efforts suddenly taken a dark and unpleasant turn? Have you noticed some unsightly – and very stubborn – black spots taking up residence in your pool? We don’t want to spread any panic … but you may have black algae. What is Black Algae? Algae is algae – right? Actually no. […]

Making A Splash With A Splash Pool

These days, it seems townhouse complexes and security estates are popping up everywhere you look. This is hardly surprising when you consider that over 80 percent of all properties sold in 2015 were in gated communities or security complexes. Clearly, demand is high. There are, of course, many advantages to living in an estate, but property size […]

Hard Water And Your Pool – Top Treatment Tips

The terms hard and soft when referring to water might seem a little confusing at first. Water is water, after all, isn’t it? Actually, it isn’t. When we talk about hard water, we’re referring to the amount of calcium in the water. The ideal range for swimming pools is between 180 and 220 parts per […]