What Is Black Algae And Why Should You Be Worried?

Have your pool maintenance efforts suddenly taken a dark and unpleasant turn? Have you noticed some unsightly – and very stubborn – black spots taking up residence in your pool? We don’t want to spread any panic … but you may have black algae. What is Black Algae? Algae is algae – right? Actually no. […]

Making A Splash With A Splash Pool

These days, it seems townhouse complexes and security estates are popping up everywhere you look. This is hardly surprising when you consider that over 80 percent of all properties sold in 2015 were in gated communities or security complexes. Clearly, demand is high. There are, of course, many advantages to living in an estate, but property size […]

Hard Water And Your Pool – Top Treatment Tips

The terms hard and soft when referring to water might seem a little confusing at first. Water is water, after all, isn’t it? Actually, it isn’t. When we talk about hard water, we’re referring to the amount of calcium in the water. The ideal range for swimming pools is between 180 and 220 parts per […]

Pool Spouts and Water Features Bring Magic To Your Home

Have you ever stood beside a waterfall while out on a hike, or watched the sparkling jets of water shooting out of a water feature in a park? Somehow, there is magic in moving water and it captivates us – soothing our souls and delighting our ears. We can safely say that everyone loves the […]

Add A Little Luxury With A Beautiful Wet Wall

Water features of all kinds are popular additions to any home. Whether indoors or outside, the sight and sound of falling water create a feeling of harmony and luxury. Of course, there are many ways to incorporate a water feature into your home, but one of the most visually spectacular options has to be a […]

Bring The Outside In With A Beautiful Rain Curtain

As humans, we are biologically hard-wired to respond quickly to loud noises. It’s an evolutionary response based on the threat that sudden, unexpected noises used to present for us. For primitive man, a scream, or animal alarm call, always signalled danger. Even today, our brains process noises that come out of nowhere as threats, and […]

If You Think Cleaning Your Pond Sucks – Use A Pond Vacuum!

See what we did there? Sucks…vacuum…? A vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt….? Just trying to make you smile when you think about having to clean your pond! The fact is, cleaning your pond properly is an important part of your overall pond maintenance, so you have to just, well, suck it up! Actually, sucking up […]

Healthy Winter Hot Tub Fun

Ask any resort lodge or vacation station and they’ll tell you how their bookings have sky-rocketed since adding spa baths a.k.a. hot tubs or jacuzzies to their accommodation options. This tells us plenty about what friends and family require for relaxation and fun. With winter just ahead, what better way to ward off chilly nights […]

Poolside Staycations Ideas For The Whole Family

No need for money shortage to make holidays a thing of the past. Families the world over are opting for staycations and they’re loving every minute. There are many ideas for creating the right environment for a successful holiday at home but it goes without saying that swimming pools are a great start. Winter is […]