Pool Paint Preview

The answer is “Yes”! The question? Should you paint your pool? Without doubt. You know you’re the butt of every comment by family and friends if your swimming pool is anything but sparkling blue at this time of the year. That ideal is not just achieved by treating the water, the state of your pool […]

How To Manage Swimming Pools In Drought Conditions

With the approach of Day Zero now set to arrive this April, Capetonians – and our hearts go out to them – face having their municipal taps turned off. In a quandary as to keeping or closing up their swimming pools, owners have fallen prey to a plethora of enterprises, who bring in borehole water […]

The DIY Pool Leak Testing Checklist

First rule of thumb when it comes to testing your pool for leaks, is not to jump to conclusions. A fair amount of water will be lost via evaporation and if family and friends have had a great time splashing water about, loss is ‘par for the course’. However, if you find that you’re routinely […]

What is HTH and how does it work to keep your pool clean?

Put on your science cap for a moment and be prepared to be blown away by the performance of the humble ingredients of hth. Humble does not mean less potent, make no mistake. In its elemental form, Chlorine is so poisonous, it could be used as a WMD (weapon of mass destruction). Nature takes the […]

Blu52, Just Right For You!

If you’re a ‘pool master’, you’ll have run the gauntlet hundreds of times in search of the best solution to that delicate art of clean, blue water, right? That endless acid-alkaline pH balance could fill volumes if everyone’s tales were written down. As individual as one’s choice in movies or car brands, Blu52 may however […]

Leave The Headache Of Pool Maintenance To The Schedule

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, which month is the best of all? The poor sod who’s landed with the thankless job of keeping the pool blue will say, ‘Winter’ when the pool cover goes on. We sympathize. But are pool maintainers fated with a hopeless, woebegone job? Well, it would be so if you’re working […]

What Is Pool Coping?

In engineering terms, coping is a protective covering made of either stone, concrete, brick or terracotta, that’s placed on the exposed top of a wall, to prevent the seepage of water. This is pretty much what it is in pool terms too, except that pool coping forms a kind of lip at the rim of […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Use a Swimming Pool Service

The main purpose of owning a swimming pool is for its entertainment value, but along with the enjoyable aspects of a pool, comes the somewhat tedious and far too regular task of keeping it in ship shape with crystal clean water because green will never be the new blue! While many of us may feel […]

Is Swallowing Pool Water Dangerous?

“We don’t swim in your toilet, so please don’t pee in our pool!” You might have seen this sign at friends’ houses on occasion. As amusing as it is, it highlights a real issue. People think that because swimming pools contain a lot of water, a little bit of urine isn’t going to hurt anyone. […]

Potential Pool Hazards To Look Out For Over the Holidays

As we ease into summer and look forward to lazy days around the pool, it would be wise to take a few minutes to remind ourselves of some of the dangers. Safety first, as a rule! When talking about pool hazards, most people think: drowning. And yes, that is a major factor. But did you […]