What Is Pool Coping?

In engineering terms, coping is a protective covering made of either stone, concrete, brick or terracotta, that’s placed on the exposed top of a wall, to prevent the seepage of water. This is pretty much what it is in pool terms too, except that pool coping forms a kind of lip at the rim of […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Use a Swimming Pool Service

The main purpose of owning a swimming pool is for its entertainment value, but along with the enjoyable aspects of a pool, comes the somewhat tedious and far too regular task of keeping it in ship shape with crystal clean water because green will never be the new blue! While many of us may feel […]

Is Swallowing Pool Water Dangerous?

“We don’t swim in your toilet, so please don’t pee in our pool!” You might have seen this sign at friends’ houses on occasion. As amusing as it is, it highlights a real issue. People think that because swimming pools contain a lot of water, a little bit of urine isn’t going to hurt anyone. […]

Potential Pool Hazards To Look Out For Over the Holidays

As we ease into summer and look forward to lazy days around the pool, it would be wise to take a few minutes to remind ourselves of some of the dangers. Safety first, as a rule! When talking about pool hazards, most people think: drowning. And yes, that is a major factor. But did you […]

In The Swim! The Benefits of A Training Pool

Many people have swimming pools at home, and they’re great for cooling off on hot summers’ days, or for just splashing around in and having fun with friends. They’re not usually so great, though, for swimming training or swimming lengths as a form of exercise. This is where a training pool is really useful. We […]

Pool Rules: How Much Do You Know About Swimming Pool Safety?

In South Africa, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death, after vehicle accidents. Of those drownings, between 60 and 90 percent occur in residential pools! That is an extremely sobering thought, especially as we head full tilt into summer when tens of thousands of people will be spending plenty of time splashing around […]

Outdoor Jacuzzi and all that Jazz

Surely there can be nothing more pleasurable than soaking away the stresses of the day floating weightlessly in an outdoor Jacuzzi in a garden setting? With SPA dreams comes a fair amount of consideration. On the plus side, while Jacuzzi’s, in general, require good ventilation, the great news about an outdoor Jacuzzi is that the […]

Why Do I Have A Green Pool After A Thunderstorm?

In South Africa, unlike those poor Game of Thrones people who are continually preparing for the coming of winter, we are excited because summer is most definitely on the way. Longer days, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in low 30s all signal the start of our very favourite season. Summer in South Africa is when […]

The Role of Water in a Therapeutic Garden

It goes without saying that we all appreciate the gentle peace of a park; the whisper of the wind through thick vegetation and perhaps the burble of a stream as we enjoy the springy green grass underfoot. That’s simply how we were made. We are captivated and soothed by nature. However, the therapeutic power of […]

Pool Designs for Small Yards

Those who don’t yet have a backyard swimming pool often crave for at least a small pool to cool off in on a hot summer’s day. All you really need is just enough space to squeeze one in. When it comes to pool designs for small yards it shouldn’t be a challenging affair and space […]