In The Swim! The Benefits of A Training Pool

Many people have swimming pools at home, and they’re great for cooling off on hot summers’ days, or for just splashing around in and having fun with friends. They’re not usually so great, though, for swimming training or swimming lengths as a form of exercise. This is where a training pool is really useful. We […]

Pool Rules: How Much Do You Know About Swimming Pool Safety?

In South Africa, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death, after vehicle accidents. Of those drownings, between 60 and 90 percent occur in residential pools! That is an extremely sobering thought, especially as we head full tilt into summer when tens of thousands of people will be spending plenty of time splashing around […]

Outdoor Jacuzzi and all that Jazz

Surely there can be nothing more pleasurable than soaking away the stresses of the day floating weightlessly in an outdoor Jacuzzi in a garden setting? With SPA dreams comes a fair amount of consideration. On the plus side, while Jacuzzi’s, in general, require good ventilation, the great news about an outdoor Jacuzzi is that the […]

Why Do I Have A Green Pool After A Thunderstorm?

In South Africa, unlike those poor Game of Thrones people who are continually preparing for the coming of winter, we are excited because summer is most definitely on the way. Longer days, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in low 30s all signal the start of our very favourite season. Summer in South Africa is when […]

The Role of Water in a Therapeutic Garden

It goes without saying that we all appreciate the gentle peace of a park; the whisper of the wind through thick vegetation and perhaps the burble of a stream as we enjoy the springy green grass underfoot. That’s simply how we were made. We are captivated and soothed by nature. However, the therapeutic power of […]

Pool Designs for Small Yards

Those who don’t yet have a backyard swimming pool often crave for at least a small pool to cool off in on a hot summer’s day. All you really need is just enough space to squeeze one in. When it comes to pool designs for small yards it shouldn’t be a challenging affair and space […]

Animated Fountains – Magical Water Features

While fountains were originally functional, serving to provide people with drinking and bathing water, it didn’t take too long before people started building fountains mostly for their aesthetic, romantic and relaxing attributes. To push the envelope on fountain creation, Peter Bodor, a mechanical engineer and handyman, created one of the world’s first ever animated fountains […]

Does a Water Feature Improve the Value of Your Home?

The true value of a water feature is very hard to quantify in monetary terms. Much like other forms of art, the value is often more appreciative than financial. In other words, it may lie more in the enjoyment you derive from it, than from any actual Rands and cents value. Water features added to […]

8 Great Tips for Building a Pond

Deciding on building a pond and doing it right the first time, will not only make it more cost effective to build – ponds can be pricey – but it will also be the best feature in your garden and a project you can be proud of for years to come. 8 Pond Building Tips […]

Misting Systems Demystified

Have you ever noticed how after getting out of a swimming pool, even on a warm day, that your skin feels a little chilly? That’s because evaporation is going on. Water requires more energy to be in a state of gas than it does in a liquid form. When it evaporates it absorbs heat energy […]