Pool Maintenance Made Easy – 3 Secrets from the Pros

So, we all know that swimming pools are the great conundrum; great for kids, perfect for sundowners, and a total pain to keep clean! Indeed, pool maintenance is not the best way to spend your sunny Saturday. As your local swimming pool specialists, we’d like to whisper in your ear and offer a few time-saving […]

Keeping your Pool’s Kidneys Clean – Filter Maintenance

Just like your kidneys work to remove the impurities from your body, your pool filter works in a similar manner to clean and rid the water of dirt, leaves and other debris. Unlike your body, however, your filter requires human interaction to keep it, and your pool in ship shape. Filter Basics Sand filters require […]

Getting the Balance Right – 5 Essential Pool Chemicals

One of the most important facets of pool maintenance is the chemical levels. Improperly balanced water is murky, irritating to eyes and skin and can turn your investment into a bacteria breeding ground. When all the pool chemicals are properly balanced the water should look crystal clear, have no scent and leave very little residue […]

Swimming Pool Maintenance For Beginners

Everyone loves swimming pools, but no one loves to maintain them! Especially in the winter when we don’t even use them but they still demand our time and attention to keep them looking good. Yet swimming pool maintenance shouldn’t be something to dread – by learning a few simple techniques, you can keep your pool […]

Extend Your Swimming Season With An Economical Heat Pump

In South Africa, we’re lucky to have hot summers and, in most parts of the country, mild winters. This means you can enjoy a swimming season lasting between four and five months, from November to March, depending on where in the country you live. The great news for swimming enthusiasts is that an economical heat […]

Salt Chlorinators – Separating Fact From Fiction

Although salt chlorinated pools are becoming more popular in South Africa, there is still a lot of confusion about how they work, and what the pros and cons are. Hopefully this article will help to clarify things a bit more for those of you who might still be wondering whether to take the plunge (so […]

Turning up the Summer Fun with Lane Dividers, Diving Boards and Slides

Whether it’s for commercial or private use, why not give your swimming pool or facility the clear advantage when it comes to “fun central” with the addition of slides, lane dividers or even a diving board. Pool Slides The addition of a pool slide will instantly add a theme park thrill to any otherwise ordinary […]

When People Say Your Pond Is Dirty, Just Suck It Up!

No doubt your pond gives you hours of pleasure. It’s very relaxing and tranquil to sit next to, listening to the sound of a water feature splashing, or watching your brightly coloured Koi as they flit about. Or maybe you just like to watch the sunlight sparkling off the water’s surface. Ponds definitely add character […]