Animated Fountains – Magical Water Features

While fountains were originally functional, serving to provide people with drinking and bathing water, it didn’t take too long before people started building fountains mostly for their aesthetic, romantic and relaxing attributes. To push the envelope on fountain creation, Peter Bodor, a mechanical engineer and handyman, created one of the world’s first ever animated fountains […]

Does a Water Feature Improve the Value of Your Home?

The true value of a water feature is very hard to quantify in monetary terms. Much like other forms of art, the value is often more appreciative than financial. In other words, it may lie more in the enjoyment you derive from it, than from any actual Rands and cents value. Water features added to […]

8 Great Tips for Building a Pond

Deciding on building a pond and doing it right the first time, will not only make it more cost effective to build – ponds can be pricey – but it will also be the best feature in your garden and a project you can be proud of for years to come. 8 Pond Building Tips […]

Misting Systems Demystified

Have you ever noticed how after getting out of a swimming pool, even on a warm day, that your skin feels a little chilly? That’s because evaporation is going on. Water requires more energy to be in a state of gas than it does in a liquid form. When it evaporates it absorbs heat energy […]

Concrete Vs Fibreglass – Picking Your Perfect Pool

You might think that a pool is a pool, and as long as it gives you a place in which to splash around, have fun and stay cool, then you’re, well, cool with that. But there are several things to think about when you decide to put in a pool, and one of the most […]

The Importance Of Keeping Interactive Fountains Clean

Interactive fountains are very popular in America and are becoming more and more so here at home in South Africa too. They are common along popular beach fronts and water parks and offer fun in the sun and a great place to cool off on a hot summer’s day. They’re a great alternative to sitting […]

Which Pool Vacuum is Right For You?

Once upon a time, there were no pool vacuum devices. I kid you not! Anyone who had a swimming pool before 1937 was doomed to the continuous tedium of sweeping and scooping to maintain a clean swimming pool. And in fact, even decades later, the clever pool cleaning devices that were being invented and honed […]

Outside your Pool – Focus on Pool Grating, Coping and Tiling

When you install a swimming pool, there is rather a lot more to consider than just making space for the hole in the ground, adding the shell and filling it with water. The finishing off of the outside of your pool should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. To do this, one would need to […]

Creating The Perfect Environment For Your Koi

Koi are a member of the carp family and are generally quite robust fish. However, generations of inbreeding (to obtain the exact desired physical characteristics, such as colour, pattern, size and physical shape) means today’s Koi are genetically weaker than their ancestors. This inherent weakness makes them more susceptible to disease, which means you should […]

Bio Filters In Ponds Are Worth Their Weight In Fish

As delightful as they are to behold, fish pollute their own pond water through natural metabolism causing nitrogen based toxins to build up. These toxins will reach lethal levels if they are not regularly removed and your fish will expire. A bio filter is thus a must have to remove suspended solids and return the […]