Water Features: Putting the Spotlight on Spheres

There is something entirely satisfying and calming about watching water flow, especially when it streams over an interesting or beautiful surface – like one that shimmers and glints in the sunshine. It is thus not surprising that spheres, created in a variety of both natural and man-made materials, have become highly sort after components of […]

Commercial swimming pools – How to give yours a clean bill of health

Swimming at hotels, resorts, apartment complexes or any other commercial swimming pool can be a lot of fun on a hot day, but how often do you wonder whether the water is clean and sanitary, knowing that you’re sharing the water with numerous bodies? Just because the pool may look sparkling blue and attractive doesn’t […]

Perfect pH – Get The Balance Right

Have you ever opened your eyes underwater in a swimming pool only to have to close them again quickly because they instantly start to burn? Contrary to what a lot of people think, this burning sensation isn’t caused by too much chlorine in the pool, but by too much acid. The measure of how acid […]

When It Comes To Perfect Ponds, We’re Just Skimming The Surface!

Unlike swimming pools, which usually have automatic pool cleaners to suck up sunken debris off the bottom before it rots and affects the quality of the water, ponds need to be regularly skimmed of surface leaves, twigs, grass and other debris before they sink to the bottom. A pond is a closed system, and therefore […]

Points to Ponder Before Building A Pond

A pond is a beautiful and tranquil way to transform your static garden into an oasis of colour and life. Whether you decide to add goldfish or Koi to your pond, or just choose to have water plants to attract birds and insects, your pond will give you endless hours of pleasure. There are, however, […]

Fountains That Will Float Your, Well, Fountain!

Being close to water makes us happy. True story. Numerous studies show that we are calmer and more creative when we’re near the sea or a large body of water, such as a lake, pond or lagoon. Add a fountain into the equation, and our happiness levels go up even more. Fountains are pleasing to […]

Fit A Commercial Pool Filter That Makes Other Pools Green With Envy

A green pool is never a good thing, but a green commercial pool is potentially disastrous, not to mention extremely embarrassing. Who can forget the Olympic swimming pool in Rio that turned an unenviable shade of green overnight, after a hapless contactor mistakenly added hydrogen peroxide to the pool, effectively neutralising the purifying effects of […]

Choosing the right fountain pumps

Many homeowners have started to realise the benefits of having a water fountain in and around their homes. Stress relief and relaxation are listed as key benefits of fountains, as well as being aesthetically appealing. However, fountains are not only a beneficial as a soul soother. A fountain pump helps to keep your pond in […]

Pond Vacuums: Taking The Back Ache Out Of Pond Maintenance

Having a pond is very soothing for the soul, but it can become hard work if not maintained. Keeping the quality of the water is at its best condition, and your fish happy, is an all-year-round task. You may not be overly concerned about the bottom of the fish pond, which is never really seen. […]

Chlorinators That are Worth Their Salt

Salt chlorinators for swimming pools are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Virtually all new in-ground pools in Australia have them, and the trend is catching on in South Africa too. Salt chlorinators can also be retro-fitted, so they can easily replace the traditional chemical chlorine system in your existing pool. If you’re thinking about […]