The Science Behind Fountains

Why, when we have so many choices for enhancing our homes, do we choose running water? As a species, we recreate miniature fountains, waterfalls, rivers, and brooks in our gardens to mimic the spectacular examples found in the natural world. You may be interested to know that this is no accident. Water has always had […]

Cooling your cucumbers…with a misting system

What do gardeners, vegetable farmers, retail outlets, and great hosts all have in common? If you said misting systems, you’d be right on the money! Yes, the humble misting system is a cost-effective, enjoyable, and healthy way to cool and humidify a space, and has multiple uses. What is a misting system? A misting system […]

New Year, New Pool

While the new year is likely to bring many new and exciting challenges, there is one which we can guarantee you will enjoy, and see immediate gains. Your swimming pool is likely a key part of your garden, and as such needs more than a little TLC to keep it in tip top shape. However, […]

Plastic Ponds – Friend or Foe?

When we refer to “plastic”, many people turn their noses up. Plastic usually refers to something substandard or cheap. But is that always the case? What about plastic ponds? For those of us who want a beautiful oasis in our garden, awash with healthy fish and perhaps a fountain or water feature, we envision something […]

Why Water Features Make You Happy

Have you ever wondered why your morning shower feels so good? It’s not just because it washes the sleep out of your eyes. Falling water – from waterfalls, fountains and yes, even your morning shower – releases negative ions into the air. And this is one time when something negative is actually something really positive! […]

The Heat Is On – Choosing the Right Heat Pump For Your Pool

Although we live in a country blessed with long summers and relatively mild winters, there are still many months in the year where the water in our swimming pools is just too cold for swimming. When you consider that an average sized pool in South Africa costs upwards of R80 000, you really want to […]

Shedding Some Light On Underwater Illumination

Light and water are best friends. Think sunrise over the ocean, sunset over a lake, moonlight on a river…. The right light can turn an ordinary body of water into something truly magical. If you have a fountain or water feature in your garden, you’ll be amazed at how the addition of even just one […]

All About Algae

If you have a swimming pool, algae is the last thing you ever want to see. That dreaded film of green coating the sides of your pool is enough to strike fear into the heart of even the bravest pool owner. If you have a pond on the other hand, algae can actually be your […]

Common Problems for Swimming Pool Owners.

Those of us who have been negotiating the treacherous waters of swimming pool maintenance understand the delicate balance needed to keep our pool sparkling. For those who are new at this dance, we’d like to offer a few tips to help to identify the most common problems with swimming pools. Cloudy water If you’ve been […]