Air Pumps & Compressors

Vortex Air Blower

The Vortex Blower possesses an advanced air-compression system, with sectional changes in circular air paths, which is smooth for air flow and low in noise. It adopts a super quality motor that is short in starting torque, stable in operation and low in power consumtion but excellent in performance. Non-oil lubrication design to produce more purified air.

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AC Air Compressors

High pressure output 220V air compressors

. High quality aluminium alloy casing with streamline design for excellent heat dissipation
. Cylinder & piston motor for low power consumption and large air output with high pressure
. Clean air output due to no oil lubrication.

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DC Air Compressors

.Compact 12VDC air compressors
. Streamline design aluminium alloy casing
. Can run off solar power or car batteries

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Pond Air Pumps

Super silent compact pond air pumps

. Double damping system to ensure silent operation
. Compact & light-weight casing

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APV10 129x122x101mm
10W 10l/min 35db 1.3kg
APV20 230x185x180mm 15W 20l/min 40db 2.5kg
APV30 245x202x205mm 25W 30l/min 40db 3.5kg
APV60 270x242x210mm 35W 60l/min 45db 5.6kg

Pond Air Stones

Waterdrop Bullet PointVarious sized pond air stones to supply oxygen to your pond

AS80  Air Stone 80mmØ
AS100 Air Stone 100mmØ
AS120 Air Stone 120mmØ
AS150 Air Stone 150mmØ
AS216 Air Stone 216mmØ
ASR3  Air Stone Ring 3''