Pond Construction Equipment

Pond Constuction Fittings

. Bottom drains
. Hoses
. Nets
. transitions

>Fittings information 1010 KB)

Pond Liner

. PVC pond liner to build any size pond
. 0.5mm thickness
. Solvent weld ensures joins are sealed not glued together
. UV resistant
. Weld-seam resistant
. Rot resistant
. Cold resistant
. Dimensionally stable
. Biologically safe
. Fish compatable
. 15 years guarantee
. Sold per running meter of 4m; 6m or 8m widths

DIY Step-by-Step DVD available - shows the how to from planning right through to the finishing touches

Also available is white PES protective fleece to protect the liner from damage on the underside

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> Pond planner (160 KB)

Pond Planter Baskets

. Various size baskets for water plants.
. These pond baskets are ideal containers for planting any kind of water plant.
. Use with Zeolite as planting soil for best results.

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