Pond Filters

MultiClear Pond Filter

. Gravity return bio-filter kits
Multi stage filter system with 4 different filter stages
Includes high performance filter pumps
Includes UVC clarifier & 3m hose & hose clamps

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PondoPress 10 000 Pond Filters

Pressure bio-filter kit
Complete Pressure Bio-filter set with 7W UVC clarifier; Pondovario 2500 submersible pump & 2.5m of 20mm hose.
For ponds up to 10,000L without fish stock
Easy cleaning operation

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Biotec 12-36 Pond Filterts

. Gravity return Bio-filters for medium to large koi ponds
. Automatic cleaning
. Biotec 12, 18 and 36 have a preclarifying Screenmatic stage for extracting coarse debris
. The new Biotec Screenmatic enables safer and easier removal of coarse substances from the pond
. The solids are withdrawn from the filter system via an extractor sieve and are transported into a collection tank through a permanent wipe-off process.
This can be easily removed. The screenmatic drive cleans the sieve automatically and guaranteessustainable flow.
. All flow-through filters listed here can be combined with the Bitron 18C – 110C UVC clarifiers.
. OASE provides a full guarantee of 3 years on these filters (excl. foams)

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Biotec 5.1-10.1 Pond Filters

. Gravity return bio-filters for small to medium koi ponds
. High-capacity mechanical-biological flow-through and multi chamber filters for clear ponds
. Special filter materials are used in all Biotec filters for effective biological cleaning
. All Biotec filters (except Biotec 30) have a cleaning mechanism for cleaning the filter foams.
. Biotec filters can be recessed in the ground to up to 2/3 of their height.
. The flow-through filters can be extended with Bitron 18C to 110C clarifiers.
OASE provides a full guarantee of 3 years on these flow-through filters.

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Filtoclear Pond Filters

Innovative, effective pressure filter range with integrated UVC clarifier
. Easy-clean-technology makes this filter extremely user friendly
. Sealed pressure container so the filter can be placed almost anywhere even buried in the ground.
. Polluted water is pumped into a sealed, enclosed system, where a working pressure of 5m head height can be built up
. Improved clarification thanks to the high-gloss finish stainless steel facing in the interior of the UVC clarifier (Filtoclear 15000 only)
. Equipped with multi-directional valve for cleaning and flushing out dirt together with an integrated cleaning mechanism for filter foams
. UVC clarifiers are equipped with an indicator light as a visual check.

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FiltoMatic Pond Filters

An automatic self cleaning pond filter that autonimously monitors virtually all of the loads that can upset the balance of a pond, and thus ensures clean water 365 days a year. With the intelligent control unit the UVC clarifier is activated manually or automatically and the filter is cleaned by the sludge pump that is also contained in the pond filter.

Fully automated Gravity Bio-filter
. Integrated UVC clarifier
. Integrated pump system for sludge discharge
. Multi-function digital control panel with temperature display

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Filtral 5000 Pond Filters

Adopting the tried & trusted pond filter foams for mechanical & bio filtration Oase has produced a fully submersible unit that is able to keep ponds of up to 5000L* crystal clear & healthy. The built in UV sterilizer helps clarify water & destroy any single celled algae while the built in pump not only circulates the water through the filter but runs the nozzle accesories included.

Fully submersible bio-filter
2500L/hr max pump capacity
maximum 2.3m head
11W UV sterilize
2 year guarantee
10m cable

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