Pond Pumps

Aquamax ECO Pond Pumps

. Energy efficient pond pump designed for ponds & water courses
. The innovative electric control for optimization of the efficiency level on the motor you save up to 40% on energy
. With the Seasonal flow control you save an additional 20% energy (Aquamax ECO 12000/16000)
. The open impellor design guarantees maximum hydraulic pump performance & improved displacement of course debris
. Large surface housing allows debris such as vegetation or koi waste up to 10mm in size to pass through
. Second mechanically adjustable inlet for connection of skimmers to clean your pond surface
. Fully capable of withstanding winter conditions thanks to intelligent frost protection technology
. Suitable for use in swimponds and bathing ponds

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> Aquamax ECO manual (3.2MB)

Aquamax Gravity ECO – Optimax Pond Pumps

. All Optimax gravitation filter pond pumps have a cable length of 10m and can be used submersed or dry-installed below water level.
. Low pressure filter pond pumps
. Unique, economical gravitation filter pond pump, ideal for use in koi ponds and swimponds
. Energy efficient pumps with increased flow capacity
. A new hydraulic concept ensures high circulation volumes

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> Optimax pumps manual (1.3 MB)

D Series Pond Pumps

. Circulating pump
. Ideal for circulation of waterfalls & water courses
. All electrical parts are fully encapsulated in resin

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P Series Pond Pumps

Diverse submersible filtration pond pump

. High quality Aluminium shaft
. Ceramic bearings ensure continuous operation
. All electrical parts are fully encapsulated in resin
. Thermal overload switch protection
. Ideal for filtration systems or circulation of waterfalls & water courses
. Easy to remove upper cover via the user-friendly clip
. Comes with directional coupling & 3 step hose fitting

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