We are fountain specialists

Our 30 year history, together with devoted staff and efficient suppliers make us the fountain specialists. Whether it is your child’s aquarium or a municipal swimming pool , we can help you and if we can’t, we can point you in the right direction.

We are not a chain store and therefore offer a more personal approach. With us, each customer is a person, not just a number and thus, helping this person is our highest goal.

Regrettably, we do not offer any on-site services. However, if you do have a problem with your fountain, pool, water feature, pond, Jacuzzi or spa, we can connect you with a number of contractors who can offer these on-site services.

Apart from being pool and fountain specialists, we are also:

Sole Importers of:

Waterdrop Bullet Point OASE Water equipment
Waterdrop Bullet Point Fountain pumps and Nozzles; Pond Pumps; Ultra Violet Sterilizers; Biological Filters; Fountain and Garden Lighting; Aqua Activ Pond

Waterdrop Bullet Point Treatment Systems

Waterdrop Bullet Point PONTEC Pumps and water features.
Waterdrop Bullet Point EMAUX Water technology
Waterdrop Bullet Point Swimming pool pump and Filters; Lights; Surround Equipment; Shell fittings; Spas

Importers of

Waterdrop Bullet Point HAILEA pumps
Waterdrop Bullet Point Fountain and Pond Pumps; Air pumps and Compressors; Aquariums and chillers.
Waterdrop Bullet Point PINA Domestic and Industrial pumps
Waterdrop Bullet Point MIST MAKER Misters, LED Lighting and Water features.

Waterdrop Bullet Point ULTRASONIC algae killers

Agents for

Waterdrop Bullet Point SPECK Pumps, Sand Filters and Pool equipment
Waterdrop Bullet Point COLLIQUIP Domestic and Industrial filtration systems
Waterdrop Bullet Point HOWDEN Industrial Pumps
Waterdrop Bullet Point BIOGUARD Pool Treatment Systems and Chemicals
Waterdrop Bullet Point EFFAST PVC Solvent weld and Compression Fittings

Our History

The Company began as a partnership in 1976 when it specialized in the Epoxy coating and renovation of swimming pools. The partnership dissolved and in May 1980 which is when the company Epoxy Coatings (Pty) Ltd was registered. In 1984 Pool Spa & Filtration Supplies was opened as a division. The wholesale and retail sale of pool equipment was the prime focus of the new company. The repair and renovation of swimming pools continued. In 1985 the sale of fountain and water feature equipment imported from OASE was added to the inventory, and the first fountains were built. In 1986 the company H.B.Walter (Pty) Ltd, an established contracting company was purchased and the name changed to Pool Spa & Filtration Contracts (Pty) Ltd. This became the contracting Division. The name Epoxy Coatings was changed to Pool Spa & Filtration Supplies (Pty) Ltd. Both Companies have a long and successful track record in the industry.


Waterdrop Bullet Point To add value to products by providing accurate, sound and honest advise to clientele.
Waterdrop Bullet Point To add value to staff by providing financial stability, knowledge and opportunities for growth.
Waterdrop Bullet Point To further the Kingdom of God by providing for the spread of the gospel and giving to the poor.
Waterdrop Bullet Point To be the recognised authority in its field of expertise – Fountains; Swimming Pools; Water Features and Ponds.
Waterdrop Bullet Point To be the market leader through innovation and creativity.
Waterdrop Bullet Point Having integrity is to be upright, honest and truthful without question or hesitation and to consistently be a person of your word, a person of principle. Demand it from yourself and reward it in others.
Waterdrop Bullet Point To work according to the word of the Lord, with love and respect for all.