Contracting Division

Pool Spa and Filtration Contracts (Pty) Ltd registered in 1982 is now only in its 31st year of concentrating on Fountains, Pools and Water features, Over the years we have had help and support from other companies in Germany, UK and USA. With their help and expertise, we have been able to grow our pool of expertise in the field of water displays from simple gatehouse fountains to developing and building complete, musically choreographed fountains locally.

Most of the design and assembling of the various components is done in house, from small jet manifolds, to complex music fountain control panels. Where necessary we have had injection mould tooling made for various components.

This investment ensures that we are able to provide high quality products and still ensure good value. We are also able to import specialized components directly from our overseas contacts. Although we mainly concentrate on larger projects we are able to help with garden projects with our willing smaller contractors, to ensure you get the right results.

How we operate

We have a methodical approach to the development of a project and operate in the following way. The step by step approach means you can stop at any step in the process.

STEP 1. Appraisal and definition of the project

. Basic concept, visual requirement, obtain all drawings pertaining to the feature
. Rough estimate of budget, based on the information given.

STEP 2. Design Development

. Based on acceptance of STEP 1, Draw up schematic of the piping, lighting and fountains and plant room layout. Basic bill of materials and specifications and detailed pricing.

STEP 3. Materials Procurement

. Based on acceptance of STEP 2, Only the materials required can be sourced or imported and packed for delivery / freight to destination.

STEP 4. Project Implementation

. We can offer full implementation of the project whereby our qualified teams will install the complete mechanical and electrical part of the project.

Please note: We do not undertake any civil construction.