Maintenance Division

Pool Spa & Filtration Maintenance Division – Was called into operation by existing customers who wanted their fountain / water feature to look good 365 days a year.

In the beginning we had to develop techniques and treatments to do this successfully. Our maintenance division had to design and build equipment to increase efficiency, and test different chemicals, as many of the pool chemicals caused foaming or white calcium build up. We now have teams maintaining many corporate and shopping mall waterfeatures and fountains on a weekly basis. We maintain any feature from small waterfeatures to complex musical fountains.

Outsourcing the maintenance to professionals ensures the equipment is looked after and the feature is always in good shape.

Easy to budget for as it is a fixed monthly amount.

Servicing equipment before it breaks down can save time and money

Our service includes

. Weekly maintenance of the feature, supply and addition of chemicals and maintenance of the plant and equipment.
. Any equipment needing repair is reported along with the costs the removal and re-installation is included in our contract
. Annual valuation report of the major equipment for insurance and asset management is done
. Our weekly job card with description of work done needs to be signed by a company representative, a copy can be sent to you each month with the invoice

Other services available

. Once off cleaning of the feature and / or repair of water feature equipment.
. Once off valuations of the equipment replacement cost for insurance or asset ledger
. Writing a manual for operating and maintaining the water feature
. Costs and recommendations for improving or modifying the feature / fountain
. Supply of chemicals and equipment to maintain the water feature

Once off training of your staff in maintaining the water feature.