Depending on where you live you may look out at your swimming pool in the late afternoon to see a selection of waterfowl frolicking in your pride and joy. The fact is, in most cases we’ve invaded the space of the local wildlife and removed their natural water sources which is why they come for a swim in our pool. 

However, while they may be cute and …feathery, there are good reasons to keep geese out of your pool, along with ducks and other water birds. 

Ducks and geese, like most wild animals, carry certain pathogens which we simply don’t want in our water. While they’re paddling about, they’re also leaving their goose-waste which does nothing for the water cleanliness or clarity. 

So how you keep geese out of your pool without hurting them?

Keep Geese Out of Your Pool 

  1. Use a blanket

A solar blanket is a quick and easy way to cover up the surface of the pool to make is entirely uninviting for our feathered friends. Geese want to swim, and they can’t on a floating piece of plastic. Of course, this will have the added benefit of keeping your water warmer and keeping out debris.

  1. Keep the toys out

We all know that kids + swimming pools = floating swimming aids in the form of sharks, donuts, and perhaps a dolphin or two. Geese are pretty skittish animals and are likely to be send flapping at the sight of a plastic crocodile in the pool. Simple, effective, humane.

  1. Keep the vacuum running

If you’ve got an automated pool cleaner, then the vibration and movement of it under the water will also make the visiting geese nervous and less likely to visit your pool. If you want to keep your energy bills down and not have the cleaner running all day, then take note of the times that the geese are present and make sure that the pump is running at those times. 

There are plenty of good reasons to keep geese out of your pool, but the one thing that we need to remember is that we don’t need to be cruel to these cute little guys. Deterrents are likely to work, and they can go on their merry way.