The evening air is warm and your garden is bathed in a gentle light. The kids are still splashing in the pool and your friends are having a good time. You gaze out, relaxed and satisfied. With the right kind of outdoor LED pool lighting, your summer day doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down.

Read on to find out why Oase LunAqua Terra is the perfect option for any outdoor entertainment space.


Oase LunAqua Terra Benefits

Benefit 1

These recessed light units will help you create the ideal evening atmosphere with inviting warm light that diffuses upwards from the ground.


Benefit 2

They are so versatile. You can choose to install them underwater, using them to illuminate your swimming pool or water feature. But, they are just as magical above ground! So you can use them in the garden, along pathways, or even on the driveway. You can create the attractive look and feel that best suits your style.

Benefit 3

Easy installation. With minimal mess and fuss, you simply place them into the ground with the specially designed stainless steel clip making Oase LunAqua Terra the perfect outdoor LED lighting option.

These minimalist lighting units are manufactured in Germany and approved by the German Design Council. They are beautifully made with a high-quality stainless steel finish. Oase LunAqua Terra provides a classic and discreet lighting source that won’t go out of style with updates to the surrounding landscape decor.

Other Features:

  • Warm-white
  • LED (long lifespan, cost-effective)
  • Diffuse beam angle
  • Durable design
  • Pleasing aesthetic

Whether you want to enhance your home’s outdoor entertainment area or update the look of your commercial space, Oase LunAqua Terra is the perfect LED pool lighting option.