Owning a pool means summer fun in the sun but securing your pool is a moral obligation for having one. Pool safety is kind of drummed into most people from childhood; ‘don’t run around the pool’ became something of an anthem.

For the purpose of this article, it is presumed that fencing the pool was part of the installation because you can’t really have one without the other.

There are however three other considerations often overlooked that have proven to be lifesaving. And they don’t cost a small fortune.

  1. Pool Alarm

    Movement detection alarms are not expensive and the lives of vulnerable ones, when it comes to securing your pool, are priceless for starters. Gate alarms are another good option and may be installed in addition to movement sensors. That way adults can hear when access to the pool area is breached and even little ones are usually frightened off from venturing into the pool area by a noisy alarm.

  2. Drain Cover

    Possibly one of the most overlooked yet dangerous aspects of pool safety is the pool drain. Even experienced swimmers have gotten into trouble having clothing or hair caught in the pool’s main drain system, Little hands and feet could easily become trapped there too. Installing something as simple as a drain cover prevents the wrong things from being sucked into the drain.

  3. Pool Chemicals

    It is a disconcerting fact that a lot of pool owners forget that minding the pool cleaning chemicals and equipment is part of pool security. Children and pets are vulnerable to pool acids and chlorine containers are not out of reach. Even empty containers from these chemical concentrates must be kept safe.

Children have innocently thought them wonderful watering cans for their little gardens and pets bite and chew on plastic.

One thing is sure, the more you secure your pool, the more peace of mind you’ll have. Realistically, you aren’t likely to cover all your bases at once.

Choose the most vital first, but to keep safety top of mind, you might consider adding to your pool safety every season by adding new safety features as you go.