Well of course I brush my pool – doesn’t everyone?

You would think so. But there are still pool owners out there who are happy to leave the automatic pool cleaner chugging away for 12 hours a day and imagine that all is well in water world.

There are several good reasons to brush your pool regularly and thoroughly, and here are our top three.

Preventing Stains

A pristine pool doesn’t happen by accident. Regular brushing is a preventative measure against stains from algae, dirt, or decomposing organic materials.

We know that it’s far easier to clean something quickly and regularly than to embark on a major stain removal campaign. This is especially true with our pools. For instance, when leaves or other plant matter fall into the water, we should scoop them out quickly. If not, they will sink to the bottom and start to break down. After a while, you’ll see dark spots on the floor of your swimming pool that need a serious scrub to remove.

Removing Algae

You can never win the battle against algae.

But you can keep the little critters at bay with regular brushing. Swimming pools with plaster or other granular finishes are more susceptible as they have numerous pores and crevices to allow the algae to take hold. Regular and consistent brushing will flush out these budding problems before they cause an issue.

Removing Scale

In hard water areas, pool owners need to pay particular attention to the waterline which can take on an unattractive white film. This is usually a mineral build-up that can be removed with regular brushing for a year-round beautiful pool.

How to Brush Your Pool

This may not top the list of things you love to do, but if you’re going to brush your pool, you may as well do it right.

Be sure to get in behind the ladders, not forgetting the areas around the legs and wall fittings. Brush above and below the waterline and be sure to get right into those corners in and around the stairs.

Do you have the right equipment to keep your pride and joy in sparkling shape? Chat with the Pool Spa team and make sure you have just what you need.