South African’s are all about saving costs. With skyrocketing fuel and power costs affecting everything from the cost of butter to our monthly energy bills, we kinda have to make a plan. 

Enter the pool blanket.

This smart little piece of kit is worth its weight in savings and comfort. Let’s find out more.

Maintaining Pool Temperature

Yes, it’s great to dive into a refreshing pool on a belting hot day. But some of us prefer a little less shock to the system and would rather err on the side of ‘slightly warmer.’

If this sounds like you, then a pool blanket will certainly be your friend.

Easy to pop on and off, this plastic pool cover maintains the heat in a swimming pool and can, weather dependent, even increase the temperature of the water. While the increase may be small, the other option is to install a heat pump… which will cost you far more. 

Maintaining Water Levels

The increasing cost of utilities aside, South Africa is generally known as a water-scarce country. While this may not be true of all provinces, those that need to use water sparingly will find the pool blanket very useful. 

Acting as a barrier between the water and the blazing sun, it simply restricts evaporation which means you don’t need to top up the pool from your (costly) municipal supply.

Keeping it Clean

Logic tells us that if we have a pool blanket on our pride and joy, then the clean up of leaves and other debris which find their way into the water will be minimal.

Depending on the size and shape of your pool, these covers are easy to roll up and shake out, or even lay on the grass and give them a hose and scrub down every once in a while. 

Yep, the best things in life are the simplest. And a pool blanket is one of them.

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