If you have little ones at home, you know that your child’s safety is a non-negotiable. Keeping your child out of the swimming pool when you’re not looking is a responsibility no parent takes lightly. It can be really stressful, especially when you have an active toddler at home, and have not yet taken action to secure your pool.

There are a range of safety barriers for pools on the market.

Features like swimming pool nets and blankets don’t disappoint. If you are looking for an extra layer of protection outside your pool, you can consider one of these useful options.

A perimeter fence

These have really stood the test of time. While their designs have evolved over the decades, a classic perimeter fence has been the go-to for many safety-conscious parents. They can vary in height but one thing’s for sure: they are effective at keeping kids out of the pool. Some families opt for a steel fence while others prefer white picket fence designs. There are also vinyl fencing, mesh fencing and vertical boards on offer.

Frameless glass fence

You would no doubt be making an elegant statement by guarding the edge of your pool with safety glass. Fitted with brackets and frameless, this barrier gives your entertainment area a contemporary finish, and family the protection they need.

Alarm beams

While this security feature does not prevent access to the swimming pool, it does immediately alert you to any unwanted trespassers in its vicinity. Here, you are able to head quickly to the pool and whisk your child away from danger. There are also smart gadgets that use infrared beams to pick up movement in the water. They’re smart because they are able to detect the weight of the items that plunge into the pool, meaning they won’t alert you to twigs or leaves that come into contact with the water.

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