A home pool is every family’s dream but pool design tips will be critical if your home is on a hill or you have sloping yard space to deal with. Notwithstanding, a sloping or terraced garden could bring about ingenious ways to create something spectacular that you’ll be proud of.

Some pool designs are self-supporting and you may be able to get away with less expense on creating a level place on a hillside space. But let’s dig into just three smart design tips for your sloping garden pool.

1.     The Semi-Inground Pool Design Tip

Probably the most sensible and brilliant way to set up a pool on a slope is to cut a platform into the bank. Depending on the topography, that could bring one end of the pool level with the ground while the other end is supported by a charming wooden deck. This is a looker of a pool and makes a lot of sense for gentle slopes and it’s budget-friendly too.

2.     The Rim-Flow Pool Design Tip

Especially in the case of a front garden pool, the rim-flow design has the ‘wow factor’ for sure. Viewed from the street, your pool will effectively create a beautiful waterfall. It may be that your rim-flow overlooks a panoramic view of the ocean, a forest, or the countryside, which is a win-win for sloping gardens.

3.     The Retaining Wall Pool Design Tip

The purpose here is that a concrete interlocking block system is used to retain the soil around where you want to place your pool. This option has the bonus of giving you a choice of colour and design to blend in with your pool and transform something functional into something gorgeous.

In South Africa, pool design has its own challenges. There may be rock shelves or massive boulders or soft limestone to contend with. Access to where you want your pool could create its own set of variables to overcome. But don’t give up on your dream pool without getting sound advice from reputable pool specialists who can talk you through it.

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