Installing a biological filtration system in your pond is far less toxic for the pond environment. Just as a French Drain operates for a home that is not connected to a water-borne sewage system, a biological filter such as the Pontec PondoPress 10000 Biofilter works similarly for a pond by safely breaking down waste products.

The medium within the biofilter is designed to create a much larger surface area, which becomes home to millions of beneficial bacteria that break down the invisible ammonia toxins produced by fish faeces, excess fish food and organic materials in the pond. Once the ammonia is broken down into nitrite, the bacteria then transform it into nitrate. This is harmless to fish and can more easily be absorbed by pond plants as they grow. To keep the bacteria thriving, oxygen-rich water must pass regularly through the biofilter.

The size of your filter will depend on the size of your pond and your fish stock. So, this is important to calculate before shopping around for a biofilter.

3 Reasons to Choose the Pontec PondoPress 10000 Biofilter

Easy Installation

This compact complete pressure filter is ready-to-connect and can be quickly installed. The Pontec PondoPress 10000 Biofilter set includes a pressure filter with bio-mechanical filter media, an integrated UVC clarifier, a powerful filter pump with 2500l/h and a 5m filter hose so that you have everything you need to get started.

Clean and Healthy Water

The PondoPress 10000 guarantees clean and healthy water with its compact complete pressure filter set for ponds up to 10000l without fish stock and 5000l with fish stock.

Ensured by the integrated 9-watt UVC clarifier, as well as the bio-mechanical filter media, the PondoPress frees ponds of coarse debris up to 4mm in size and other suspended material or substances that cause turbidity

Due to its high capacity, this concealed in the ground filter offers a reliable water supply and is even able to operate a higher-positioned watercourse than more traditional bio-filters.

Peace of Mind

Not only will the Pontec PondoPress 10000 Biofilter keep your pond in great shape and your fish stock happy but the Pontec 2 year quality promise guarantee will give you added peace of mind.

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