Your home has value above and beyond the obligatory return on investment. The perspective you’re about to consider will be like looking over a garden wall to a paradise home complete with a water feature or two and the content, happy family who live there. It could be you!

Prepare to see how brilliantly water features add value to your home!

#1. Water Features Add Showstopper Value

Pool Spa has been designing water features for South African homes for decades and has really innovative water features from quiet and tranquil flow to flamboyant pirouette fountains that become veritable liquid chandeliers in your backyard.

The visual impact of what is called ‘blue space’ strikes an emotional chord in humans. It has been noted by Bethany Mendoza, a Move Safe certified agent, that ‘water features make the house more inviting, and buyers tend to feel more relaxed and stay longer as they’re viewing the house.’

#2.  Water Features Add Aesthetic Value

Sights and sounds drive aesthetics, and water features nail the brief here. Water can mute traffic sounds and draw the eye to a focal point. Water’s fluid, sparkling texture softens the hard lines of a building or garden walls.

Water features enhance the ecosystem, attracting birds, bees, and butterflies, which remind you to slow down to the pace of nature.

#3. Water Features Add Tranquility Value

Reason number three here is actually the prime way that you can add extraordinary value to your home. It’s a subliminal add and a metaphysical one, but it is the prime way to effect that tranquil family scene you spied over the garden wall.

Putting It All Together

Reason one and two feed into reason three, and you could have all three working toward your family’s well-being:

  • Think of how the showstopper effect makes people want to own your home affects your family. Your water feature could easily be why they love coming home!
  • Similarly, the water feature aesthetics that positively affect prospective buyers are doing the same thing for your family.
  • What price would you put on a peaceful, happy family?

And there it is!  Water features add value to your home in ways that exceed monetary considerations without excluding a monetary value-add. That’s a classic win-win, isn’t it?

Contact us here at Pool Spa, or give us a call on 011 793 1381, and we’ll be there to make your water feature fantasy a reality.