We have so many useful tools to help us keep our swimming pools in pristine condition, but many of them do entail a lot of legwork. Maintaining a pool is no easy task. However, there are ways to make sure that your automated systems are operating at optimal capacity; here are three ways you can help your swimming pool pump be as effective as it can be.

Making Life Easier for your Swimming Pool Pump

Skimming the Surface

One of the best ways to keep your pool clean from top to bottom is to regularly skim the surface with your pool net. Removing leaves, grass and other debris not only keeps it out of the strainer basket and also prevents it from becoming waterlogged and falling to the bottom of the pool. Regular skimming increases the efficiency of the filter system and means that your pool pump doesn’t have to work as hard as it otherwise would. A fully operational filter system also lowers the demand for chlorine – another time and money saving benefit.

Cleaning the Filters

Bearing the above in mind, we may be tempted to give our filter a really good and thorough cleaning as often as we can to improve the circulation even further. While it is true that we need to keep a close eye on our filter to make sure it does not become completely clogged, a little bit of dirt is a good thing. How so? A small amount of debris in the filter acts as an additional straining system and allows the trap to catch other dirt and debris. Who’d have thought?

Brushing the Walls

A weekly brush of the walls and tiles helps the pool vacuum to do its job by reducing algae build-up. Getting rid of calcium deposits and algae in this way equals less work for the pool vacuum and therefore less work for the pool pump. Perhaps you can afford to run it less frequently with a regular scrub or brush.

Take care of your swimming pool pump and it will give you years of faithful service. For more maintenance assistance or advice on keeping your swimming pool in tip-top shape, chat to Pool Spa.