It’s Spring Time! Which means pool maintenance for many, is now serious business.

You’re not alone if you think you’ve neglected your swimming pool a little longer than you expected to.

As you get back into the swing of things, we have put together a short of list of mistakes you need to avoid or stop doing to get your pool back into shape again. Remember to keep things simple, and don’t let pool maintenance become an energy drain. That’s what loadshedding is for!

Forgetting to check water levels

It might seem like common sense to check your pool levels. However, some people only realise the water level is too low when it has already dipped below the skimmer. It’s important to maintain your pool water level as you risk damaging your pump. If there isn’t enough water, the pump will start pulling in air. So give your water levels a once-over, once a week or so.

Skipping water quality tests

Don’t think that because it looks fine, it is fine. You need to take a water sample to determine the quality or health of your pool. This is an area that’s often neglected because the owner simply does not have the time or feel it’s necessary to check. Do a test once a week or twice a month if you have to. It’s an easy problem-solving tool, that will ultimately keep costs down.

Switching your off pump too early

It’s understandable that electricity costs are high, and well, keeping a pool clean requires more than just elbow grease. The trick when using your pump is to strike a balance between energy saving and using what you require. Pool owners tend to drop the ball in this department. Some don’t run their pump long enough. Practically every aspect of your pool’s operation depends on the pump’s functionality. So, if you’re switching it off too early, your filter and other features linked to the pump won’t reap the full benefits over time.

Leaving filter and strainer baskets unchecked

This goes without saying but sometimes the pool pump and skimmer baskets are left unchecked for long periods. Repeat offenders will find themselves dealing with water flow issues as the filter becomes more clogged, making it more difficult for the pump to pump water through.

If you need any help in getting your pool ready for summer, don’t forget you can chat to our friendly team at Pool Spa And Filtration Supplies.