The Hollywood ideal of a bunch of friends sharing a cocktail in a bubbling jacuzzi is great – it’s what happens afterwards that may be a cause for concern. You see, jacuzzi cleaning seems to be quite low on the list of essential cleaning for a home which makes hygiene an issue when those friends all climb into the water.

Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your jacuzzi and general hot tub hygiene.

Jacuzzi Cleaning Essentials

It helps to think of your jacuzzi as another bathtub as opposed to a swimming pool.

Swimming pool water is usually cold, and we have no problem throwing in some acid or chlorine regularly to stop the lurgies from growing. However, the water in a jacuzzi is warm which poses several problems.

  1. Warm water makes a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria which can survive for days or weeks without chemical intervention.
  2. When you get in the water, so does all your skin bacteria, oils, creams, and bodily fluids. The warm bubbly water may offer a good clean, but it also means that your friends’ collective grossness remains in your jacuzzi.
  3. Because of the group mentality of jacuzzi parties, and the confined space and limited volume of water, pathogen levels are concentrated. This makes getting an infection from a Jacuzzi very likely.
  4. The high levels of bacteria and other oils in the water, along with the higher temperature of the jacuzzi equals a shorter active life span for chemicals.

Now that we are in no doubt as to the fact that we need to maintain a good jacuzzi cleaning routine, we need to know how is it done?

A good start is to drain your jacuzzi and give the shell a good solid power clean, especially if it smells a bit off or if it has been sitting for a while. However, before you pull the plug, it would be a good idea to run through some plumbing cleaner which will break down the biofilm in your jacuzzi and in the piping. Be sure to clean the filters as well before filling up again.

As you add the water, make sure that you’re adding sanitizer and other start-up chemicals (chat to your Pool Spa team for more information on these) and be sure to regularly check the pH levels and alkalinity to keep the water clean as a whistle.

A jacuzzi is no doubt a high maintenance item to have at home, but if you’re aware of the dangers and keep a regular jacuzzi cleaning schedule then you’re all set.