When exploring modern pool design ideas, the word “modern” doesn’t necessarily mean your swimming pool needs to be built using high-end materials or state-of-the-art features.

Modern swimming pools are known for their sleek design and clean lines that work to complement your home’s architectural style. So, what you really want to achieve is a design that will blend seamlessly with the indoors and outdoors while keeping the aesthetics simple and minimal. Less is more in modern design.

Choose Your Pool Type

The type of pool you choose will be your biggest decision. A modern pool is usually only one of 3 types of pool, namely above-ground, in-ground or an infinity pool.

Above-ground pools are temporary, generally come in circular or rectangular forms and are usually limited size-wise. While these may be the cheapest to install, they often have a limited lifespan.

In-ground pools are permanently installed pools made of vinyl, fibreglass or concrete and have various degrees of flexibility when it comes to choosing or designing the shape of pool you want.

Infinity pools are those that give the illusion of water merging with your surrounding landscape creating a ‘vanishing edge’ and which provide a unique vision of natural aesthetics. Infinity pools are more prevalent in modern settings due to their sleek look.

5 Modern Pool Design Ideas

Pool Shape – Modern design is characterised by clean lines, angular forms and streamlined shapes. Rectangular shapes are popular because how angular and geometric forms are not only clean and sleek but they mirror the architectural components of a contemporary home.

On the contrary, a flowing curved shape is one that can display dynamics in a seaside home by preserving the continuity and flow of the surroundings.

For homes with limited space, long narrow swimming pool design ideas make for a good space-saving solution. Alternatively, cocktail and plunge pools referred to as “spools” are the new modern craze for a smaller backyard.

Pool Surfaces and Finishes – Opt for sleek surfaces for the pool finish and surrounding elements to conform to modern aesthetics and a minimalist appeal. Try to avoid using overpowering finishes that tend to clash with the existing design of your home.

The use of glass tiles is a current trend for most modern pools because of their elegance and light-reflecting finish providing a clean look, plus they are practical too. Not only can glass tiles be applied as the main finishing material on the pool walls, bottom, borders or steps but they also offer endless design possibilities when applied in a uniform colour, are mixed in endless combinations of subtle and lively hues, mosaiced or used to create a focal point. When combined with water, glass tiles give the effect and shift of visual movement which makes for a constantly changing and continually refreshed look.

Although more commonly used for classic-inspired designs, natural stone tiles such as sandstone, limestone, blue stone and semi-polished granite tiles work well with modern pool design ideas. Not only can the texture blend seamlessly into a surrounding landscape but the practical benefits include slip resistance, and the tiles will soak up the warmth of the sun.

Pool Features – It’s important to note that modern pools rarely feature large ornaments, water slides, rock grottos and spouting statues. By using a ‘no frills’ approach for your pool design ideas, you can achieve a simple minimalist and modern style. Stick to smooth or sleek surfaces and subtle design features such as a consistent colour scheme or the creative use of lighting. Pool borders such as glass railings could be used from a pool safety aspect but still preserve the feeling of spaciousness with a modern appeal.

Pool Lighting – The right lighting can really set the mood. Fixtures with contemporary styles and well-defined lines are perfect for a modern pool. Choose warm white ambient underwater lighting to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere or spice things up with vibrant coloured LEDs, available in a choice of voltage or wattages and which can be combined with a controller pad to set a more exact mood and ambience.

Torch lights, symmetrical fire pits or the latest trend in pool fire and water bowls, all make interesting and updated lighting choices to complement your modern pool design ideas.

Pool Decking – Decking is also integral to the design of your pool. This connects the spaces and acts as an added visual element. Try to coordinate your decking material with your home’s architectural components as well as the surrounding landscape to ensure a cohesive blend.

Baja shelves aka tanning ledges and sun shelves which were formerly popular at many resorts are becoming a hot trend in backyard poolscapes as practical and modern poolside relaxation options.

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