So, you have just bought your dream house, and with it your dream pool. Or maybe you have decided you are tired of hot summers and have taken the plunge (so to speak!) and built a pool. Either way, if you are new to swimming pool maintenance, there are several tips to keep your pool sparkling that every pool owner should know.

1.     Keeping Your Pool Clean

One of the most basic tips when it comes to swimming pool maintenance is to keep your pool clean. Make sure that any leaves or debris that end up in the water are skimmed off daily, and that the sides and bottom of the pool are scrubbed regularly. This prevents algae growth and helps the chemicals do their jobs.

2.     Chemical Levels

If the chemical levels are not right in your pool, you can end up with cloudy or murky water. This can be prone to bacteria growth, and if the balance is off the water can also be harsh on swimmers. Regular testing should include acid, chlorine and pH or alkalinity levels. Buy a simple testing kit and put your high school chemistry to good use!

3.     Water Levels

A lesser-known tip for swimming pool maintenance is keeping the right water level in your pool. The ideal level for your pool water is said to be halfway up your skimmer. Too much or too little can throw your chemical balance out, so it is something you should keep a close eye on.

4.     The Filter

The filter is very important to keep the pool clean, and a sluggish or dirty filter can hinder this process. Check your filter often for debris and empty the basket at least once a week. Backwash your pool monthly to flush out anything that may be lodged in the pipes.

5.     Call in the Pros

It is a smart idea to have an annual service appointment for your pool, whether you think it is needed or not. This just adds an extra set of eyes to your swimming pool maintenance programme, and the professionals may pick up problems you don’t know to look for.

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