Water features of all kinds are popular additions to any home. Whether indoors or outside, the sight and sound of falling water create a feeling of harmony and luxury. Of course, there are many ways to incorporate a water feature into your home, but one of the most visually spectacular options has to be a wet wall.

Wet walls provide a dynamic focal point, guaranteed to draw attention. You can choose from a variety of wall surfaces – from marble and mirror to slate and glass, and pretty much everything else in between. For a truly dramatic effect, choose polished black stone, for example. The thin sheet of water clings to the surface like water over a glass tabletop. Or, if you prefer a more turbulent look, use a higher profile rough stone to create an active, almost white-water effect. The idea is simply to create a beautiful falling sheet of water that dances over any surface you choose.

You could also take your wet wall one step further and create a Mylar lace fountain. This is a truly spectacular water feature, in which water runs noiselessly down seemingly infinite strands of Mylar lace, creating a glittering curtain.

Why Wet Walls Are So Wonderful

As with all water features, wet walls offer more than just visual drama. Falling water is known to soothe and relax your mind, and relieve stress. It also provides an acoustic barrier – white noise that blocks out undesirable sounds, such as traffic, for example. A wet wall is also a great humidifier, helping to neutralise the negative effects of dry air, such as dry skin, nasal congestion and a scratchy throat.

Wet walls are also relatively easy to install, and need low flow and water speeds. You can choose to have your water come from the very top of your wall, or through a special groove located just below any coping you might use.

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