With the advent of UV (Ultra Violet) pool sanitisers, science and technology work in tandem to nuke invisible micro-organisms present in even the bluest, clearest of pool water. This has revolutionized public pool treatments as well as spas, home hot tubs and swimming pools.

It turns out that not all that is blue is not true-blue and not all that is clear is necessarily clean in the world of swimming pools. Toxic chlorine by-products, invisible organisms, and viruses lurk in the bluest of pools.

Now that there is a brilliant solution, you need to be ready to get the UV low-down and work your way into accommodating this high-tech discovery into your pool and hot tub.

The Start of UV Pool Sanitizers

There’s nothing new in the fact that UV light neutralizes algae, viruses, and bacteria. Scientists have known this for over half a century. It has been used to sterilize drinking water for over thirty years.

Installing UV pool sanitisers for inground swimming pools and hot tubs were stalled due to the focus on chlorine and salt systems., Incidentally, saltwater pools are not necessarily safer than chlorinated pools. Salt treatments produce bacteria-killing chlorine anyway.

However, UV light sanitization for pools, spas and hot tubs is now proving considerably safer and has taken centre stage in sanitization processes since 2013.

How Do UV Pool Sanitisers Work?

UV sanitation processes eliminate even chlorine-resistant microorganisms, totally disinfecting pools and other communal bodies of water.

UV radiation is produced inside very ‘powerful light chambers, which emit germicidal UV-C light’, says technical expert Jeff Boynton, who explains, ‘UV-C causes permanent damage to a number of microorganisms almost instantly as the water circulates through the light chamber. By disrupting the microorganism’s DNA, protozoans, viruses and bacteria are unable to replicate and remain inert…The effects of UV-C are immediate and do not alter the water’s composition.’

Confession session alert: UV pool sanitisation is not a 100% chemical-free process. A small amount of chlorine is still needed to control the kinds of bacteria that take longer to get through the filtration system. A small matter compared to the substantial savings and solid sanitation offered by UV light systems.

UV Pool Sanitisers Define the New Colour of Clean

According to the World Health Organization, “Lower free chlorine concentrations may be health protective when UV is used.” Many cities all over the world are mandating ultraviolet systems even in public spray parks.

UV pool sanitation is considered the best available technology. If you’ve ever wondered how the Olympic cameras can film underwater swimming and diving competitions so perfectly then, then understand you have UV disinfection to thank for that.

In short, you need this. Get your home pool fitted with UV pool sanitation as soon as possible and see the difference this summer.

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