While fountains were originally functional, serving to provide people with drinking and bathing water, it didn’t take too long before people started building fountains mostly for their aesthetic, romantic and relaxing attributes.

To push the envelope on fountain creation, Peter Bodor, a mechanical engineer and handyman, created one of the world’s first ever animated fountains in Transylvania in the 1800s. While the original musically choreographed fountain was destroyed in a severe snowstorm, an exact replica can be found on Margret Island in Budapest.

The amazing effect for these spectacular animated fountains is achieved by pairing light with water particles. The water reflects and refracts the lights and can even create three-dimensional images. Musically choreographed fountains include perfectly timed music in the mix.

Today, these highly entertaining dancing or animated fountains can be found throughout the world and South Africa boasts having the largest musically choreographed fountain in the southern hemisphere on Sun International’s Boardwalk.

With the advancement of technology, now even the average homeowner can have animated fountains of their very own. Yes really, you can have one too!

Animated Fountains for Your Home

Pool Spa are stockists of the playful and harmonious Water Quintet and Water Trio animated fountains. These visual orchestras are the new generation of water features for homeowners and are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for all.

With their extremely flexible implementation, the Water Quintet and Water Trio can be optimally integrated into every custom garden concept with the colour changing LED technology illuminating the water jets and creating magic as the water and light effects cast their spell over you.

Thanks to the “Plug ‘n Spray” concept, the water effects can be quickly installed, and the permanently set programs allow for variation in speed and fountain jet height which can be easily selected using a remote control.

Pool Spa is at the cutting edge of technology. Chat to our experienced team today to turn your terrace or garden into a living space of visual delight. You can also visit us at www.poolspa.co.za