While manual and automated pool covers serve the same purpose, it can be a lot of work to wind up your cover every time you would like to use your pool, and then again when you are finished. Automated swimming pool covers make this process that much easier, and you have all the added benefits that come with having a covered pool.

Safety Feature

One of the top reasons to invest in an automated swimming pool cover is the added level of safety they give your swimming pool. If you have children or small pets, poolside safety ranks very high on your list and covers are a must.

Keeps Your Pool Warm

Another great feature of an automated swimming pool cover is that it helps keep the water warm. This is especially enjoyable at the end and beginning of summer when the water can get a bit chilly but the days are still warm, or if you live in a cooler climate.

Evaporation Reduction

Every pool loses water to evaporation. It is part of the cycle of any body of water. With an automated swimming pool cover, the water can only go as far as the cover. Once it gets there, its only option is to fall back down and complete the cycle. This can save you a fair amount of water, especially if you have a bigger pool.

Less Pool Maintenance

Having an automated swimming pool cover means that you need to spend less time fishing things out of your pool. As debris in the water affects the pH balance of the pool, being able to cover your pool means that your pool will stay cleaner for longer. Less sunlight also means slower algae growth. This equals less money spent on chemicals and less time spent on cleaning

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