Creating a welcoming environment is no longer considered an optional extra in commercial buildings and outlets. Understanding that there’s more value than just attracting feet, it is how to keep those feet lingering in commercial spaces that counts. Aquarium features have the domino effect of immediately easing people’s stress levels and delivering them out of their frazzled state. Come to think of it, it should be legislated that commercial aquariums for corrective facilities and prisons are mandatory. It might forever change the aggressive culture of such institutions. Till that sweet day, commercial outlets are starting to champion aquariums as part of the décor.

Commercial Aquariums For Office spaces

The effect of a large aquarium showpiece in office reception halls has a beneficial calming effect on the everyday office workforce, let alone visitors, who may need their feathers smoothed when appointments are delayed and tempers rise. Even the old goldfish bowl idea has developed into snazzy desktop versions. Some are tall with a fitted downlight under a dome lid.

Commercial Aquariums For Hotels, Health Spas, Restaurants And Bars

Besides the obvious places like lobbies and stairwells, an executive suite in a hotel may include an overhead aquarium installation above the headboard for the main bed. Nothing more magical than lying down at the end of a hectic day and watching beautiful fish in soft tranquil light float by above you. An entire room divider can be a two-sided installation from floor to ceiling with spectacular effect.

Restaurants often have their crayfish, crabs and lobsters on display, so installing an aquarium for beauty is an easy commercial value-add. Restroom aquariums are also popular and create respect for keeping the place attractive. Set in with the mirrors or as the divider of the restroom door opens onto open stalls.

Upscaled bar lounges lend themselves to commercial indoor aquariums because there is usually already ambient light and plenty of downlighting to highlight the rows of bottles bearing various shades of intoxicating liquid. We say upscale because no one wants to put an aquarium in where brawls are likely.

Health Spa aquariums are a no-brainer. People have come to de-stress and detox from their everyday environments. An aquarium in the reception area and the cafeteria makes complete sense.

Commercial Aquariums For Queues And Waiting Rooms

Due to the tranquilising effect of having an array of colourful fish floating peacefully about in an aquarium, places where stress levels tend to go through the roof like waiting rooms makes total sense. Hospital lounges, cafeterias and doctors’ rooms are immeasurably enhanced with the addition of an aquarium.

Wherever people are required to wait patiently in queues, a well-placed aquarium will do the trick of keeping people amused, interested and calm. That should be mandatory in banks and home affairs offices.

Commercial Aquariums For Malls And Shopfronts

When people are spending their hard-earned money, tranquillity is likely the last quality experienced. Providing the calm and relaxed ambience, aquariums are actually silently making the most noise and having a profound effect on the mood of shoppers and the workforce alike.

In commercial spaces as large as shopping malls, the deliberate positioning of a huge aquarium feature may be spectacular enough to draw people to return again and again to food courts for example.

The size and shape of today’s aquariums are no longer just the traditional oblong tank. Some are tall and round, others only as wide as a wall but installed from the ceiling to the floor. Some rise majestically up from indoor gardens or are part of a bookshelf or other display. The options are endless.

Before you sigh and wonder who will care for your aquarium projects, many installers and pool maintenance crews specialize in commercial aquarium upkeep. Paying a team to keep your showpiece sparkling clean is worth every sent, you’ll see.