Many people have swimming pools at home, and they’re great for cooling off on hot summers’ days, or for just splashing around in and having fun with friends. They’re not usually so great, though, for swimming training or swimming lengths as a form of exercise. This is where a training pool is really useful.

We usually find a training pool in large gyms, at schools, or in municipal swimming facilities. They often have movable booms, which can be moved to transform it from one 50m pool into two 25m pools. A training pool is a perfect place to give swimming lessons, as well as for swimming training, fitness swimming, stroke correction or simply for fun family time. It is often divided into separate sections for these activities.

What Are The Benefits Of A Training Pool?

Swimming is one of the best forms or primary or secondary exercise, but you need to be able to swim for a sustained amount of time. The short length of the average residential pool isn’t of much benefit, so for the best results, swim in a training pool.

Heart Health

Regular swimming, using a good technique, is fantastic for cardiovascular conditioning. It’s especially effective when combined with running or cycling, as part of a cross-training routine.

Physique-al Fitness

Activities such as weight training give you shorter, denser muscles, but swimming builds long, lean muscle. This also helps to keep calories burning for longer as it boosts your metabolism.

Feel The Flex

Swimming in a training pool after an endurance workout, such as running or using weights, flushes out toxins. This prevents sore, tight muscles the following day. This benefit is enhanced if the pool is heated, as the warm water relaxes your muscles, which increases your flexibility, making stretching easier.

A Core Benefit

Although 70% of the effort used in swimming comes from the upper body, you can get an excellent total body workout by using fins. Using all your muscles at the same time is a great way to develop core body strength.

Don’t Weight, Swim Today!

Swimming hard enough so that you’re out of breath when you’re finished means you’ve elevated your heart rate enough that you’re burning calories. Swimming is the perfect exercise for people wanting to lose weight as it doesn’t place pressure on your knees, ankles and hips. This is also why it’s also excellent for people with osteoarthritis.

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