3 Benefits of Adding a Pond to Your Garden

When we’re away on holiday and seeking a respite from the crazy world that we occupy – where do we go? Some love a beach holiday, spending long lazy days with our feet in the sand and the sound of waves in our ears. Others will migrate to the mountains spending idle days walking along river banks or watching waterfalls. Whatever your personal choice, you will agree that many people unconsciously seek out bodies of water when they want to get away from it all. This understanding leads us to the benefits of ponds in our gardens.

Yes, we may have a swimming pool and love the family fun that it offers. But, watching your pool vacuum clicking around the bottom of a lifeless body of water isn’t exactly thrilling, is it?

3 Benefits of Ponds in Our Garden

The Serenity of Fish

A decent sized pond allows us to include fish, and these gently gliding silver or orange creatures bring an incredible sense of calm. A pond with fish will need a pump to circulate the water and can easily include a water feature which adds the soothing sound of running water to our space. Parents and children alike can spend hours feeding, caring for or simply watching the softly swishing tails of our magical underwater friends.

Attract Wildlife

Just as we are drawn to water, so are the animals in our area. A natural pond with indigenous flora and a few hiding places will draw frogs, small animals, and birds for us to enjoy. The interaction between these little critters is a joy to behold and allows us to create a small oasis of serenity in our own back yard.

The Sound of Water

We love the sound of running water. Whether it’s a trickle of a stream or the gentle rush of a fountain, we find it therapeutic and restful. Adding a back-yard pond with a water feature, or even creating a mini ecosystem with a stream that runs between ponds offers the constant gentle hum of moving water which our busy minds sometimes need.

There’s no doubt that the benefits of adding a pond to your garden will bring years of joy and delight to your family. If you’re thinking of installing a pond, chat with the Pool Spa team. We have a good few decades of experience behind us and would love to assist you.