Everyone’s Going Bonkers For Boca Clips

South Africa loves to swim. As a coastal country, we are blessed with kilometres of beautiful beaches, and inland we have millions of sparkling blue swimming pools in our backyards. However, as much as we love our pool time, there are a few things which are bound to bug us – from sand in our cozzies to having your towel blow into the pool. One of these problems, thankfully, is solved by Boca clips.

Boca Clips – Awesome Swimming Pool Accessories

Have you ever tried to get comfy on a pool lounger or deck chair, only to have the wind blow your towel up under your feet or off the lounger completely? How many times have you gone indoors to get a refreshment only to find your swimming towel whisked off your chair into the water?

Boca clips are the handiest little items and solve this problem for you with ease. They are a patented invention which look a little like clothes pegs – the genius is in their simplicity.

Made tough for use outdoors, Boca clips come in a range of colours and designs, from Disney characters for the little ones to Caribbean cocktails for Mom and Dad. They have been designed to clip onto your deck chair or sun lounger and hold your towel firmly in place, no matter the weather.

If you’re one of those people who likes to keep the beach sand at bay even while on the beach, then this is the perfect addition to your outdoor bag. Set up your beach chair, clip your towel in place, and enjoy a sand-free experience.

However, while they are smart little swimming pool additions, they are excellent at multitasking.

For example, they are small enough to seal up the chip packet and strong enough to keep your wet towel bag firmly closed.

If these make sense to you as they did to us, then head on over to our shop and take a look at the fun and funky designs available. Get a set of Boca clips for yourself or buy them as the perfect house-warming present.