Boost Business with Fountains for Commercial Buildings

Commercial fountains have long since been an impressive way in which some hotels and commercial businesses have not only set themselves apart from others but in effect, have created an additional drawcard to bring in more business.

The fountains of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas gyrate just as fabulously to complex choreographed musical routines as the hotel’s showgirls and stage performers. Dancing streams of water, illuminated from within, rocket into the air to the pulse of a song, perfectly timed to the crescendo of gasps of admiration from all who gather around to take in the show.

Made by the creators of these same iconic Bellagio fountains, the Dubai Fountains, situated outside the world’s largest shopping destination has even more impressively, made the Dubai Mall the perfect and most sort after entertainment destination. One of the most advanced commercial fountains in the world, the water shoots up nearly 300m into the air backed by 6 600 WET Superlights which use 25 coloured projectors to create over 1000 different breath-taking water expressions.

While your commercial business may not quite meet the impressive status of the above, you may have quickly grasped the concept of how adding an aspirational piece such as a water fountain or feature can indeed help strengthen your business brand and make you stand apart from your competitors.

Commercial Fountains to Suit Your Business

One of the primary benefits of adding a fountain to your commercial space is of course for its aesthetic value but it can also do so much more for your business and the added benefits of the soothing sounds of water can have a welcome and calming influence on your customers and staff.

It’s always best to choose a fountain that fits your businesses’ brand identity. Installed in the ground around a central area and programmed to shoot out jets of water in intervals and patterns, make water spouts an interesting and modern addition to an upscale business. Or maybe you’re looking for something down to earth with a more tranquil vibe such as a continuous running water feature that magically disappears and reappears from the ground beneath it like a natural spring?

Be sure to consider your space. Do you have a large indoor area where clients and customers congregate, or would a fountain be best suited for welcoming visitors in your outdoor area?  For indoor spaces, a medium to large fountain with a reflecting pool can really enhance your space. If, however, your space is smaller, consider a water wall fountain for a unique way to divide office space and even create privacy in an area.

Underwater lighting using LED’s, can truly enhance any commercial fountains at a fraction of what it used to cost. You can also choose from a variety of programmable colours, giving you the option to change the lighting to suit a different mood. Go big and hook up the lights to Alexa or Siri and allow your customers to enjoy an even larger amount of programmed possibilities.

Slightly more understated fountains including spheres or pottery jars and clay bowls should also not be overlooked when it comes to making your selection of the perfect commercial fountain most suited to your business.

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