As children and adults alike stop and gaze at jets of water shooting high into the air, and watch hypnotised as a halo of rainbow colours decorate the spray as it falls onto the ground below… there is no denying the beauty of a floating fountain.

Up until the end of the 19th century water fountains were functional items, bringing drinking water to a city or village. Even then, many of them were gravity fed making use of reservoirs or aqueducts to force the water into the fountain.

With the advent of indoor plumbing water fountains became purely decorative. And of course, as technology advanced it brought with it mechanical and electrical pumps which changed the landscape significantly.

Floating fountains now decorate buildings, city squares, parks, and homes. They have been used as commemorative symbols to honour a significant person or event, as artistic expression, or just plain fun for families in a beautiful outdoor space.

Our team have installed an impressive portfolio of fountains in prestigious locations. We custom build to suit the needs of our client, and we include features such as musical interaction, coloured LED or ultra-bright halogen lights, varying heights and program sequences, and any number of patterns.

If you are considering a floating fountain to grace your space, then we would love to hear from you. Our team enjoy decades of experience and we know that we can deliver exactly what you need. Contact us today on 011 793 1381 or take a look at our website at