As humans, we are biologically hard-wired to respond quickly to loud noises. It’s an evolutionary response based on the threat that sudden, unexpected noises used to present for us. For primitive man, a scream, or animal alarm call, always signalled danger. Even today, our brains process noises that come out of nowhere as threats, and gentle, slow noises as non-threats. This is why we are woken by our alarms, and soothed by continual, low noise, such as softly falling rain. The sound of gently falling water is actually one of the most soothing sounds there is, which is one of the reasons why rain curtains are such popular water features.

What Is A Rain Curtain?

You’ve probably seen one, but might not have known what it was called. You might only have thought it was beautiful, and been calmed by its visual beauty and soothing sound. Inspired by nature’s own rain curtains – the sheets of rain often seen on the horizon during an approaching storm – a water feature rain curtain is pretty much what it says – a vertical wall of “raindrops.” It creates both a visual and audio illusion – that of gently falling rain.

Rain curtains are very popular as features for swimming pools, as well as inside office buildings as an eye-catching way of creating an opaque barrier to divide up a large space. In addition, because the sight and sound of flowing water is so soothing, as well as being reminiscent of healthy outdoor living, day spas, natural therapists and other, similar businesses often use them as backdrops for displays.

They can also be used to great effect as temporary features at events and exhibitions.

Types Of Rain Curtain

There are two main types of rain curtain – closed and open. An open rain curtain is one you can literally reach out and touch, disrupting the fall of water with your hand. A closed system is where the water falls between two sheets of acrylic, or toughened glass. In both cases, the water is collected at the base of the feature and continually recycled.

Rain curtains can also be enhanced with coloured or natural lighting. The light reflects off each and every falling droplet, making a spectacular and almost hypnotic feature.

At Pool Spa and Filtration Supplies, we can help you design and install the perfect rain curtain – or any other water feature. Why not chat to us today, and you could soon be enjoying all the wonderful benefits of a rain curtain for yourself.