If you don’t yet have a pool, this is your moment. Today, stylish budget-friendly backyard swimming pools are not just available, they’re in vogue.

Of course, we’re using the term ‘backyard’ representatively because your ideal spot may be in an inside courtyard, or even off your front veranda.

With so many inspiring swimming pool designs out there, the sky is the limit.

Splashing Out with a Backyard Swimming Pool

How much will you have to splash out on to get yourself a perfect plunge pool? It depends on many factors. You may find that ready-made inground fibreglass designs fit your space perfectly and that will save on having a bespoke pool for an odd space. You are looking at anywhere between R65 000 – R120 000 and then you still need to add your finishes. Just remember you are adding to the value of your property.

That’s not to say that you can’t dig your own hole, with your own labour, in your available space and install a vinyl plunge pool and spend R10 000, plus filtration and finishing. You may even prefer an above-ground tank-type pool. If you want to sink that into an existing deck. It could look really stylish too.

Backyard Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Sometimes all it takes is getting creative with the space you have. Explore pool pictures and get inspired. Your family will love you for it.

SA still has sunny skies, family braai’s, and home-based pools keep families together! Here are our top five ideas:

#1. Shape-it-up: Fibreglass designs can be made to fit even odd shapes. L-shapes work well and don’t feel shy to ask for a corner or to be cut off so you can fit your pool pump system in somewhere.

#2. Back Door Spot: Everyone has a back door, usually the more functional side of the house but that could be transformed by using space outside the kitchen door and window for a backyard swimming pool.

#3. Garage Port Position: Nothing wrong with setting up a pool alongside your garage port. The port can double up as entertainment space when needed and exchange your grass patch for a quaint pool.

#4. Rim-flow Views: For backyards that drop away steeply, use that edge to install a rim-flow swimming pool to transform your backyard into the most attractive spot on your property.

#5. Rooftop Retro: If you are in a penthouse, or flat-roofed house, or have an outbuilding, fear not. These situations provide an ideal spot for an unexpected rooftop plunge pool.

In short, let your imagination run wild. You can have a step made wide enough to keep toddlers in the shallows. Or, you can place your outdoor chaise longue in the pool if there is no room for it outside the pool. You can combine a pool with a water feature and have fountains going on.

Budget-friendly backyard swimming pools are possible and desirable. They’re easier to clean and require less water, all of which help to keep both installation and running costs down.

Let 2022 land your backyard pool project and remember we’re here to help you make it happen.