A beautiful water feature can add to the ambience of your garden. When done properly, a natural pond can increase tranquillity and fit smoothly into the spaces as if it was always there.

By following a few top tips, you can ensure that the pond building process is simple and pain-free, and you are left with only wonderful results.

Check Before You Dig!

Nothing will stop your pond building in its tracks faster than hitting a pipe or electrical wire! Make sure you are aware of where all your underground utilities are located before you start digging. Also, pick a location that is far enough away from any trees that may have big roots that can be damaged.

Features And Filters

Know what you want before you begin. Carefully design your natural pond to include varying levels and correct filters. Make sure your filter is suited to the size of your pond.

A good filtration system and garden pump are important to keep your pond clean. Natural ponds are uncovered and attract dust and leaves. Keep in mind you want the most natural-looking filter, preferably a submersible.

The different levels in a pond make a better environment for plants and microorganisms to thrive. Good microorganism growth means less stress on your filtration systems.

Flora and Fauna

Choose your plants and fish carefully. The right selection of aquatic plants can help your filter greatly, and keep the algae growth down. Fish will also help keep things clean, however too many fish can cause an imbalance in the other aquatic life so add them sparingly and in line with the size of the space.

Fish in a natural pond should also be left to fend for themselves as much as possible, and uneaten food can dirty the water.

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