There is nothing better than jumping into a sparkling blue swimming pool on a hot summer’s day. But do we ever consider the effect that pool chemicals could have on our bodies and the environment around us? In recent years, there are companies around the world that are taking great steps in the area of filter innovations and ways to keep your pool clean without all the harsh chemicals that have been historically used. 

Filter Innovations

One of the top ideas when it comes to filter innovations is to keep your water clean by filtering it through an ecosystem of living plants. This seems like a great idea, but you may be wondering how you can still enjoy a refreshing swim without getting caught up your living filters! While you can include your plants in your swimming area if you don’t mind the rustic, pond-like feel, most companies design separate areas alongside the pool to house your living filtration system. This allows the plants to do what is needed without interfering with your swim.


If you are still unsure of a completely plant-based filtration system, according to The Guardian, a UK based company called Clear Water Revival has taken filter innovations one step further and created a design that does not solely use plants but also bio-filters. The bio-filters control the build-up of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus which means that the plant life can be decreased by around 20%. 

Benefits of Eco-Pools

There are many benefits of looking into filter innovation and eco-pools. Other than the obvious of being better for the environment, they are low maintenance and cost-effective and less likely to be affected by seasonal changes. They are also gentler on the skin and offer an all-round more pleasant swimming experience.

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