We know that desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes, an acid wash for your swimming pool is exactly that.

It’s worth pointing out that an acid wash is a big deal and not something that you would take on without doing a lot of homework or even calling in the professionals if you don’t feel that you’re up to it. 

If done with care and attention to detail, it is possible to perform your own acid wash, but be aware that there are a lot of checks and balances that need to be satisfied.

Do I need an acid wash?

The process of acid washing a pool serves to strip off a very thin layer of plaster. Therefore, if you have stubborn stains which you simply can’t remove, repeated algae bloom, or if your pool has been stagnating for a while and there’s just too much to fix, then you’re looking at an acid wash.

Before starting an acid wash

It goes without saying that an acid wash is only suitable for inground concrete or gunite swimming pools. Any other material is going to be compromised and you’ll be in the market for a new swimming pool before you complete the process. 

Before you begin, you’ll need to:

  • Empty your swimming pool. 
  • Scrub off and hose down any persistent algae patches.
  • Ensure that you have all the right safety gear which would include chemical gloves, boots, mask, and goggles.
  • Check the weather – a windy or rainy day will compromise the procedure. 
  • Make sure children and pets are kept far away from the pool area.
  • Have all your processes and materials on hand to allow you to finish the process quickly and efficiently. 

Remember that you’re dealing with a highly caustic product – the acid used in an acid wash is a dangerous product and if spilt on your skin or inhaled, you’re going to need to act quickly and get yourself down to the doctor’s rooms pronto.

So, the short answer is, Yes, you can acid was your own pool. The next question is, should you? Only you can answer that, and if you are in any doubt then please feel free to call on the Pool Spa team who can assist you.