Are you topping up your pool every week even when it’s not in use? What’s that all about?

Concrete pools, sadly, have a tendency to crack over time and when you’re starting to lose water you know it’s time to act. There are occasions when you can manage a quick fix yourself which will save you a lot of money, and that’s where we’re focusing today.

However, if tree roots are invading the foundation of your swimming pool, the ground has shifted or eroded, or your pool is just starting to show its age, then you will have to call in the professionals.

If you are dealing with smaller surface cracks, then you can repair the plaster yourself without draining the pool. Here’s how.

Quick Fix Underwater Plaster Repair

We’re assuming that you know where your pool is leaking having identified the offending crack. If so, you’re going to need:

  • Goggles so you can see what you’re doing.
  • A paint scraper.
  • A wire brush.
  • Underwater epoxy putty.

Using your paint scraper, remove any plaster that is loose and open up the cracked area that you’re working on. It’s going to be slow going as you’re working underwater, but it’s worth doing a proper job.

Once the crack is open, use the wire brush to scrub away any remaining debris or algae that may have set up camp in this safe little spot.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions mix the two parts of epoxy together and combine well. If you’re dealing with a long crack, then roll the epoxy into a thin rope and press it into the open space. Push it in with your fingers as far as it will go and then smooth out the edges until they sit flat against the wall of the pool.

This simple plaster repair will last as long as the rest of your pool does unless it’s a sign of more serious issues that require professional assistance.

If you have questions on pool maintenance and repair, or you are looking for the right swimming pool products, please call into your nearest Pool Spa and let us assist.