In the same way as your electrics are hidden behind the distribution board, and your plumbing is packed away underground (or at least out of sight), your pool pump also requires a cover. 

What pool pump cover options are available and what are the best choices for your space?

DIY Pool Pump Covers

Can you make your own cover? Certainly! If you are fairly handy with the tools, then you can create a simple pool pump cover to suit your exact needs. Many choose to make their own out of a hardwearing wood or create a brick and mortar structure.

All you need to ensure is that there is a flow of air and the cover is weatherproof.

Polypropylene Covers

Polypropylene is an incredibly hard-wearing plastic which is a popular choice for manufacturers of pool pump covers. With an expected lifespan of 15 years and flexible enough to be shaped into organic, natural-looking rocks, this is a good choice. 

If you prefer a simple geometric shape, a faux brick finish, or rocks in various shapes and colours, you will find most of these available in this durable plastic.

Fibreglass Covers

As with polypropylene, fibreglass pool pump covers are also available in a mix of shapes, colours and sizes, although they enjoy a slightly shorter lifespan at an estimated 10 years.

Pool Pump Sheds

If you have space (and a little extra cash) then a pool pump shed is a great option. Situated close to the pool, this attractive little wendy-house lookalike will comfortably house your pool pump, pool equipment, accessories and chemicals in one convenient location. A shed is an excellent choice if you want to ensure that your pool bits and pieces don’t get battered by our harsh South African sun.

Are you in the market for a pool pump cover? Whether you’re looking for a few pool accessories or a commercial water feature, Pool Spa has got you covered.