There is something completely magical about fountains, whether indoors or outdoors. But indoor fountains bring a special feature to commercial projects.

Mylar lace fountains offer a simple, minimalist way to create a striking feature that can be used to divide a room or used to enhance an architectural feature in a room.

These fountains consist of a water reservoir, a water distribution system and various mylar nozzles depending on the look you are going for. Add some underwater lights, and you have a stunning feature for any room.

Why are Mylar Lace Fountains So Popular?

Not only do they offer a visually appealing and noiseless feature to your space, but also a variety of ways in which they can be used. Another popular choice is to use them for temporary or commercial events, as they are this simple to put together.

Versatility is not common in water fountains, so to find a fountain with so many different options is a definite treat. Being able to add music and light also offers another level of tranquillity as a commercial water feature.

What Would They Add to Commercial Spaces?

Because of the way they are designed, mylar lace fountains are visible from both sides, so they offer a unique way to divide a room or venue. They can also be used indoors and outdoors, and as such are incredibly versatile when it comes to commercial spaces or events.

There is no set design in the set-up either, so they can be made to fit any shape or area: curved, straight or in a spiral pattern depending on what is needed. It’s a hit at any business event or in any environment for that matter due to its peaceful and hypnotic effect.

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