We all know that time and money spent in the garden reaps dividends. A beautiful and well-kept garden adds significant value to a property and turns a house into a home.

Water features are always a popular way to add excitement and drama to an outside space, and we believe that the right plants around your garden fountain finish it off perfectly.

However, we may wonder which plants are best suited for the area around our fountain, and if there are any practical considerations to bear in mind.

Structural Planting Options

If your home is a little more contemporary and you prefer a designer look, then you’ll likely be looking for something structural.

Serene paved or pebbled areas around a fountain look amazing with potted plants such as reed grasses which come in various colours and add height and texture.  Aloes and succulents are also hardy, annual plants which are happy in pots and will complements your water feature beautifully.

Low Maintenance Plants Around a Fountain

If you are more of a set and forget type of homeowner, then you’ll be looking for plants that look after themselves.

Therefore, if your fountain sits in a more natural setting and splashes the area around it, then you’re best off planting water loving varieties such as ferns and reeds.

River stars (spiloxene aquatic) are beautiful indigenous bulbs which love wet soil and grow in clumps, seasonally showing off a pretty star shaped flower.  Water parsnip (berula erecta) is a gorgeous fern which loves boggy soil and can even be planted in the shallows of a natural pond. These also grow in clumps and are a fast-growing option as a border for a new pond.

Whatever you choose to plant, remember to check how big it gets. Small shrubs in the right environment can take over a warm damp spot, and others may have aggressive root systems which could damage your pond.

Whatever you decide, we’re sure that your fountain will provide years of peace and calm.

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