Keeping your lawn green is almost as important as keeping your pool blue! Watering your garden can take up a large amount of your day, as well as an equally large amount of water.

If you invest in a few garden pumps, you no longer have to plod up and down with the hosepipe or watering can. You can also start to harvest your rainwater rather than using tap water, which will save you money as well as time. Time which can be better spent sitting back and enjoying your luscious lawns!

Choosing a Garden Pump

Using the right garden pump for the right purpose helps greatly when trying to save time and money. There are a few options available, starting with the standard garden pump.

The Garden Pump

Garden pumps can be connected to your tap, but can also work off groundwater, pond water or even water from a ditch. They are not normally automated though and need to be activated manually. These are connected to the irrigation in your lawns or flower beds and pump the water from the source to the garden. They work at a limited depth though, so keep an eye on where you put them.

The Booster Pump

Booster pumps are great if you are harvesting rainwater. They will work in conjunction with your garden pump, helping with the water pressure.

The Borehole Pump

If you are needing to pump from a greater depth, then the borehole pump is for you. Small and easy to set up, even in small water sources they are very user friendly.

The Submersible Pump

If lawn watering is not for you and you are looking more for a water feature pump, then go with a submersible pump. These are used to cycle the water in ponds and water features, adding trickling water to the natural beauty of your garden.

If you have any questions about garden pumps or alternative ways to pump water, give Pool Spa a shout on 011 793 1381 and speak to one of our friendly and professional staff for more information.