There are pool covers aplenty.

Whether you’re looking to protect the ones you love or keep those pesky leaves and twigs out of the water, you want a cover that’s going to last. Firstly, look at your needs.

What purpose is your pool cover going to serve?
What’s the shape and size of your pool?
Does your budget cover it all?

These are some of the key questions you will need to ask yourself before beginning your search. Then, get an idea of what you’d like to see in your home. There are so many great pool covers out there, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. To get you started, we have selected three pool covers that are quite popular for various reasons.

PVC Covers

If family safety is your priority, then a PVC pool cover would be the way to go. It’s a solid cover designed to keep your little ones safely on top and the water below their feet. It’s a smart design and are no gaps along the edge of the pool when the cover is fixed firmly in place, so there’s no chance of curious youngsters making their way through hidden spaces.

Net Pool Covers

If debris, grass cuttings and other garden grub are a nuisance to your pool, then you’ll want to look into net pool covers. These keep unwanted greenery out of the water meaning less maintenance and more enjoyment. Many nets are anchored along the edge of the pool with stainless steel hooks and plates. They are known to be a durable and affordable product due to their UV-treated shade net.

Floating Pool Covers

Their name explains it all. These covers literally float on the surface of the water. We have to say upfront that these shouldn’t be considered if pool safety is your priority. These covers do not hold their shape if a child steps or crawls onto them: they will sink. There are different types of floating covers and they do a fairly good job at preventing water evaporation and catch leaves. They are not fastened or pinned down along the pool’s edges which means there’s no hassle and no negotiating with hooks or poles when you need to remove them for a swim. All you would need to do is pull the entire cover out of the pool and enjoy!

If you need any assistance in sourcing the right cover for your pool, give our friendly team at Pool Spa And Filtration Supplies a call.