Choosing Your Splash – What Do You Want From Your Garden Fountain?


Whether we are listening to the distant crash of waves on the shore, or the gentle trickle of the water feature outside our bedroom window, there’s no denying the soothing effect of the sound of water. 

If you are planning on installing a water feature, adding a fountain into your garden, or thinking of creating a winding stream within your landscape, you may want to think of the noise levels that you’d prefer.

Water features should never be a cause of stress or something that keeps you awake at night!

Choose Your Splash


One of the key considerations when designing your water feature is the size of your garden. It makes sense to keep everything in proportion: a small garden requires a small water feature.

The gurgle of a fountain splashing into a small pond can fill up a smaller space and add that special calm that only water can bring.  A bigger back yard means that you can likely get away with something a little more extravagant, where the rush and splash of water can be absorbed by the large surrounding area.


Further to this factor would be the placement. Will your water feature be close to a seating area or will it occupy a space a little further away?

The obvious factor here is that a gentle trickle of a modest fountain close to your entertainment area won’t require your guests to raise their voices during a quiet evening under the stars. 

Something a little bit larger which can move more water – set away from the home – creates a perfectly peaceful background sound which can also serve the dual function of drowning out traffic noise!


Gently spilling water, such as would run down a rock slope, offers a rush and trickle as opposed to a splash. A crashing waterfall can get noisy in a restricted area and if best left at the end of a big garden. 

Spouts, vases, or cascading buckets all bring their own unique sound. Perhaps do some research beforehand to check the noise levels and practicalities of your preference.

Or better yet, chat with one of the Pool Spa team. Our selection of fountain and water feature equipment along with our excellent service will help you to make a ‘splash’ with your new water feature.